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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ek Niranjan Exclusive Stills

So what's exclusive? Probably you would've seen these stills already in other sites. Well, i've removed all watermarks from these pics and have airbrushed the pics in Photoshop for a soft romantic feel. Hope you'll like these.

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004_t 005_t 006_t
007_t 008_t

Monday, June 15, 2009

Billa Photoshoot

billaprabhas01_t billaprabhas02_t billaprabhas03_t
billaprabhas04_t billaprabhas05_t billaprabhas06_t
billaprabhas07_t billaprabhas08_t billaprabhas09_t
billaprabhas10_t billaprabhas11_t  

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Prabhas Widescreen Wallpapers - Series 4

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Monday, June 01, 2009

Ek Niranjan Exclusive Wallpapers

A few Wallpapers designed by me from Ek Niranjan Stills
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Prabhas Songs Photo HI'STORY'

Whenever i see a song shot in nice locales, i often used to wonder where it has picturised! Architecture has often fascinated me and even though i haven't been abroad,I was always attracted by classical architecture whether in India or abroad and being a fan of Prabhas, i was interested in knowing where some of his songs have been picturised. I started off with Nee Styley Naakishtam Song from Raghavendra because i knew the song was shot in Venice. I found out the locations in Venice using google images. Locating the places for the other two songs in Raghavendra were a bit difficult as i had no idea as to where these songs were shot. Well, after doing some research(?) in Google images, finally i was able to locate the places. I hope this post will be interesting to atleast some of you.


This Song has been picturised extensively in Vancouver, Canada near the Canada Place of Pier, Vancouver Convention Centre and nearby locations.

Angel of Victory Statue, Waterfront Station, Vancouver.

Hotel Vancouver (Bldg. with green roof), Robson Square, Vancouver

Vancouver Convention & Exhibition Centre (close up)

Harbour Centre Tower (The circular one in the back)

Harry Winston Jerome statue, Stanley Park, Vancouver

The Fairmont Waterfront Hotel(on the left side), Vancouver, Canada

Waterfront Station, Vancouver.(close up)

Canada Place of Pier, Vancouver. At the left is Pan Pacific Hotel.

Waterfront Station, Vancouver.

Vancouver Convention & Exhibition Centre

Waterfront Station, Vancouver.

Vancouver Skyline from Stanley Park.

Science World, Vancouver

Waterfront Station, Vancouver.

Bank of Montreal Buildings, Vancouver


Carnival at St.Mark's Square,Venice

Dancing on Gondolas

At the Grand Canal, Venice.

St.Mark's Cathedral, Venice

Prabhas at Doges Palace, St. Mark's Square, Venice. At the far end is St.Mark's cathedral

At Victor Emmanuel's Statue. At the back is London Hotel

Victor Emmanuel Statue

On a Gondola at the Grand Canal. At the back is Rialto Bridge.

Basilica of St.Frari, Venice

In traditional attire. At the far end is Accademia Bridge.

Near the Rialto Bridge

Under Accademia Bridge

At Santa Maria Della Salute church, Venice

Santa Maria Della Salute church

On the Accademia Bridge

Grand Canal view from Accademia Bridge

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