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Monday, July 30, 2012

Rebel Teaser Ready

Design by Boye Mudi Raj

As reported earlier, Rebel Star Prabhas’ Rebel is reaching its final stage of production and the film shoot will complete on August 9th after a song shoot. As per reliable reports, the first look and teaser is likely to be released on August 2nd. The teaser is said to be of 1 minute 35 seconds. 

The makers are planning to release the audio on August 18th. The film will hit the big screen in September. Tamanna and Deeksha Seth are going to sizzle opposite Prabhas on screen. This is going to be an out and out commercial mass entertainer. Lawrence is composing the music of this interesting project besides directing it. Editing is done by Marthand K.Venkatesh. J.Bhagawan and J.Pulla Rao are producing this movie.


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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Huge set for Rebel Song

The makers of Prabhas' forthcoming action entertainer Rebel, which is in the last leg of production, have built a huge, costly set at Annapurna 7 acres Studios to shoot a song. The shooting of the song will commence on August 4 and will be complete by August 9. Producers J. Bhagavan and J. Pulla Rao are planning to launch the audio in the third week of August.

They informed that the film would hit the screens by September end. Raghava Lawrence, who is directing this film, is the music composer. Tamannaah and Deeksha Seth are the heroines. Soon after finishing Rebel, Prabhas will move on to Vaaradhi, being directed by Koratala Siva, which has already completed half of the shoot.


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Friday, July 27, 2012

Rebel Audio on August 18th

Design by Sravan Kumar

If the buzz is to be believed, the makers are planning to launch young rebel star Prabhas' "Rebel" audio songs in the third week of August. The unit will start filming a song on Prabhas from August 4 to August 9 and shall wrap up the entire shooting with this schedule. The makers are planning to launch the film's audio songs on August 18 and release the film in September. 

Actress Tamanna and Deeskha Seth are playing female lead roles in the movie. The movie is produced by Pulla Rao J and Bhagawan under the banner Sri Balaji Cine media and music is also composed by Raghava Lawrence. The post production works are being carried out simultaneously and director Lawrence is overseeing all the activities carefully.



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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Rebel Shooting Completes on 9th August

Young Rebel Star Prabhas starrer Rebel has almost wrapped up the talkie part and is left with a song shoot. The song will be shot from 4th August to 9th August and with this the entire shooting packs up. The post-production works of the film are under progress and the makers have decided to release Rebel either in the end of August or early September. 

Tamanna and Deeksha Seth are the heroines pairing first time alongside Prabhas in the film. J.Bhagavan and J.Pulla Rao are jointly producing the movie while Lawrence is directing it, also handling the music department. The audio is planned to be launched in the early August.


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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Chatrapathi to release in Tamil as Chandramouli

Cashing on the success of ‘Naan Ee’ (Tamil version of ‘Eega’), a producer named Satish is known to have brought the dubbed Tamil version release rights of ‘Chatrapathi’ which is titled as ‘Chandramouli.’ 

We do know that Prabhas, Shriya starring ‘Chatrapathi’ released in 2005 was a roaring hit with brand action from rajamouli and superb tunes of Keeravani. As Shriya has a share of good market in Tamil, makers are hoping for ‘Chandramouli’ to have a good show. After ‘Maaveeran’ and ‘Naan Ee,’ this is third Tamil release for Rajamouli.

This is the first look poster of the movie by the producers:


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S.S. Rajamouli : ‘ I want to make a film on our kings with prabhas’

Ever since ‘Eega’ released on July 6th, the movie has been a source of pride for the Telugu Film Industry and the captain of the project, S.S.Rajamouli, has been the toast of the town. We caught up with the talented, soft spoken and very down to earth director for an exclusive chitchat. Rajamouli spoke candidly about the challenges faced while filming Eega, his future projects, and even about ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. We came away impressed with his jovial attitude and his humble nature. Here is the transcript of that session for you folks. 

Q. Congratulations for the super success of Eega. How does it feel to be the toast of the town? Ans : (Smiles). I am enjoying the success and it feels great. I have received calls from practically everyone in the industry and the most memorable call perhaps is from Rajinikanth garu. 

Q. Eega 2 in the pipeline? Ans : Well, at this point of time, I can’t say. I have a project with Prabhas lined up and we are working on the subject. Getting the story right is very important if we are to make a sequel. Expectations on Eega 2 will be sky high if we do decide to make it, but the upside is a strong brand value to it. Like I said, let us wait and see. 

Q. Will Prabhas’s movie be a film on the Kakateeya dynasty? Ans : I have not finalized the subject for Prabhas yet. A couple of different lines are being worked on and we will take a call soon. But basically, I do want to make a film on our Kings with Prabhas. There are so many captivating stories regarding our Kings, with great emotional upheavals. I would like to showcase such stories in a new way. 

Q. When you conceived Eega, were you worried about whether the audience will find the concept believable? Ans : All those worries were worked upon during the scripting stage. We took great care to come up with an engaging screenplay and we worked upon multiple scenarios for many sequences. For example, take the Eega’s final killing sequence of Sudeep. We considered multiple ways of killing the villain before settling on the one shown in the film. Once the scripting was finalized, I went ahead with conviction. If you make sure you deliver an engaging narration and draw the viewers into your film, your job is done. 

Q. You started off the film by setting up the whole story as a fairy tale narrated by a father to a daughter. Was that a ploy to avoid questions of ‘logic’? Ans : (Smiles). You can say that. Fairy tales have many wonderful and impossible things going on in them and we wanted viewers to have good fun while watching the film. Once the story is a fairy tale, anything is possible. 

Q. What was the most challenging aspect encountered while making Eega? Ans. Animation was a tough nut to crack. We learnt a lot of things while working on the job. Conveying the Eega’s emotions in a believable way was also quite challenging. A great deal of this responsibility was taken up by Keeravani garu. His background score was the lifeblood for many sequences and his music made sure that the Eega’s emotions got across to the viewers perfectly. A special effort from Sudeep and Samantha also helped a lot. 

Q. Speaking of Sudeep and Samantha, how hard was it to get the right performances from them? Ans : Sudeep and Samantha had to improvise,act and emote in front of the camera, imagining an Eega. They had no reference point to fall back on while filming. The Eega was added later in post production so you can imagine how difficult it would have been for them to get those emotions out, relying purely on their imagination. 

Q. What was your expectation from Eega at the Box Office? Did you imagine this kind of reception? Ans. No. I was only expecting a decent response from the Box Office, perhaps 10 – 15% more than what Maryada Ramanna did. That is what I told my producer Sai too while filming. But we were just bowled away by this reception. Media has been surprisingly and unanimously supportive of the film and that has helped extend the movie’s reach. 

Q. Many feel that the film’s collections would have been even better if it released in summer. Any regrets over the delay? Ans : (Shrugs) Perfect timing would perhaps add about 10% to a movie’s collections. It will not make a hit film a flop or vice versa. But yes, a summer release would have been good. 

Q. When will you get back to work? Ans : Perhaps in a month or two. I will take a vacation soon with my family and then begin work on my future projects. 

Q. Did you watch any films recently? Ans : I saw ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. The film is good, but I was a tad disappointed. I expected more from Christopher Nolan, especially regarding the climax sequence. We have seen too many movies where the hero saves the city from an impending time bomb. When Christopher Nolan is at the helm, we expect something more sophisticated and unique. But otherwise, its a good film. 

Q. Now that you have evolved as a filmmaker, will you ever attempt mass films once again? Ans : I will make films with good stories and engaging scripts. I cannot say about the kind of films I will make in future, but one thing is for sure – my future films will not have sleaze or vulgarity in them.

Q. Your entire family took part in the production of Eega. Exhausted or exhilarated? Ans : They are both exhausted and exhilarated. Which is why the impending family vacation is a must. My family is my bedrock of support and they provide the anchor I need while I go about my work. 

Q. Eega’s Hindi plans? Ans : We have not made up our mind over whether to release Eega in 2D or 3D in Hindi. If its 3D, it will probably come at the end of the year. But if it is 2D, it will release in Hindi in a month or so. 

Q. What are your future projects, apart from Prabhas’s film? Ans : (Smiles) As of now, nothing is finalized. I have commitments lined up with Shobhu Yarlagadda, K.L.Narayana and Danayya. Only Prabhas’s name is finalized for one of the projects. The other two projects are still open. Once a proper script is ready, we will take a call. With that,we winded up the conversation as Rajamouli was getting ready to attend to some other activities. So there is Rajamouli for you folks. Humble and Honest. Any wonder his films are so successful? Let us wish him the very best for his future projects.



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Monday, July 23, 2012

Rebel Audio next month


  Young Rebel Star Prabhas’s action entertainer ‘Rebel’ will be having its audio launch next month and the ceremony will be held in Hyderabad. The movie is currently being shot near Pondicherry, where action sequences are being canned on Prabhas and the other crew. With this schedule, shooting will come to an end and post production works remain. 

‘Rebel’ is being directed by Lawrence and he is targeting an August release for the movie. Tamanna and Deeksha Seth are the heroines in this film and Lawrence himself is scoring the music. Bhagawan and Pulla Rao have jointly produced this movie, which has been made with a big budget. Prabhas will reportedly be seen in an all new avatar in this movie. SOURCE : 123TELUGU.COM


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Friday, July 20, 2012

Prabhas Speaks at Tuneega Tuneega Platinum Disk

Prabhas speaks in high words about producer M.S.Raju at Tuneega Tuneega Audio Platinum disk function.


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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Rebel nearing Completion

Young Rebel Star Prabhas’s action entertainer ‘Rebel’ is nearing completion and the movie’s shooting is over except for one song. This song will be shot soon and the makers are aiming at an August release for the movie. Currently, an action sequence is being canned in Pondicherry and this is expected to be wrapped up in a few days.

Prabhas will be seen with hot beauties Tamanna and Deeksha Seth in this film and Lawrence is the director. This expensive project is being produced by J. Bhagawan and J. Pulla Rao jointly. Music is being composed by Lawrence himself after Thaman dropped out of the project. ‘Rebel’ has been under production for a long time now and Lawrence says that the film will be a stylish, high voltage entertainer. SOURCE : 123TELUGU.COM


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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Rebel heading to Pollachi

Seems like there is no end in sight for Rebel. The film is still continuing it's shooting. After recent schedules in Bangkok and Hyderabad the crew of “Rebel” left to Pollachi after furious actions in Hyderabad to start another schedule. The unit would film scenes on Prabhas and other lead cast for a few days and return back to Hyderabad. Rebel is into the final leg of production and is expected to be wrapped up in the month of August. 

Tamannaah and Deeksha Seth are playing the female leads while Krishnam Raju is playing a vital role. Lawrence is also scoring the music while Ram Prasad is cranking the camera. Marthand K Venkatesh is handling the editing and fights are composed by Ram Lakshman.Rebel is tipped to be a mass entertainer taking shape in the hands of choreographer turned director Raghava Lawrence.


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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Prabhas at Tuneega Tuneega Platinum Disk Function

Prabhas was said to attend Tuneega Tuneega Movie Audio launch function held on 10/06/2012. As the movie's hero is Sumanth Ashwin, son of producer M.S.Raju who produced Varsham and Pournami with Prabhas. Mahesh Babu was also said to attend the above function. However Prabhas could not attend the function on the day (as he was at Ishq 100 days function). Prabhas kept his word by attending the Platinum Disk Function of Tunnega Tuneega held today 14/07/2012. Isn't that so sweet of Prabhas!



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Friday, July 13, 2012

Rebel New Stills

A couple of working stills from Rebel.



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Rajamouli Confirms next movie with Prabhas

If there is one hero that is making others to go jealous of him in Tollywood is... Any guesses? Yeah it is Prabhas and the reason is... Rajamouli. When the maverick director made Magadheera, every hero was awestruck and hoped that Rajamouli would do such a miraculous movie with them. But Rajamouli said he was exhausted after Magadheera and made a comedy Maryada Ramanna with Sunil. 

Rajamouli made a commitment with Prabhas and that film was supposed to launch after Maryada Ramanna. With Prabhas being stuck with his prior commitments Rajamouli tried to make a little experiment called Eega and that turned gigantic in the process. After watching Eega, one couldn't wait to work with the brilliant director Rajamouli, but he says that he has to do a film with Prabhas immediately. 

Rajamouli is not making any further commitments with any hero as of now. He will make his next film with Prabhas and the next project after that is up to Rajamouli. So other than Prabhas no other hero knows when they would get a call from him. Meanwhile Prabhas stakes are going up like never before and the signs are already seen as his movies are doing sensational business all over. The buzz of Rajamouli's film with Prabhas would be beyond expectations for sure. 


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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Helicopter Fight Scenes for Rebel

Young Rebel Star Prabhas’s action entertainer ‘Rebel’ is currently being shot at Ramoji Film City and special helicopter fight sequences are being canned there. Shooting will continue for a few more days at the location.

‘Rebel’ is being directed by Lawrence and Tamanna is the heroine in the film. Deeksha Seth will be seen as the second lead. The movie is being produced on a big scale jointly by J.Bhagawan and J.Pulla Rao. Music is being composed by Lawrence himself after Thaman walked out of the project. ‘Rebel’ is being targeted for an August release and the film has been delayed for a long time now.



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