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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Prabhas's Bike in 'Rebel'

Prabhasmyhero Blog Exclusive!

The bike Prabhas is seen riding in the still from 'Rebel' Movie is the


More HQ images of the Konika Minolta Limited Edition

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Monday, December 26, 2011

Prabhas 'Rebel' New Still

New still from 'Rebel' Movie. Prabhas with Deeksha Seth

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Lawrence speaks about Rebel

Here is Raghava Lawrence throwing some light on the character of Prabhas in his film. Rebel, which is currently being shot in Hyderabad, has the hero's character moulded in such a way that it impresses upon the mass audience from the word go. The director said that the character is very much a non-conformist.

"He goes against the tide. The hero believes that only struggle can yield results. What is his aim? How does he make his destination possible? We have written Prabhas' characterization in such a way that it would be liked by the mass audience."

Not that only the hero occupies the center stage and the role of the heroines (Tamanna and Deeksha Seth) is marginal. The girls too have immense scope for performance because they are an integral part of the story. The film has much hype around it for the reason that Lawrence's films have always been known for coming with thematic variety (read Mass, Style, Muni, Kanchana).

Produced by J Bhagawan and J Pulla Rao, the film has music by SS Thaman. Cinematography is by C Ram Prasad. 'Darling' Swamy is the dialogue writer. Editing is by Marthand K Venkatesh.


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Rebel racing ahead with shoot

Young Rebel Star Prabhas’s mass action thriller ‘Rebel’ is racing ahead with its production. The movie is being directed by Lawrence and currently, the movie is being shot in and around Hyderabad.Tamanna and Deeksha Seth are the heroines in this project.
Prabhas will be seen in a full length mass action role in this movie. Director Lawrence says that the movie is being shot in such a way that the audience will be completely entertained. ‘Rebel’ is being produced by J.Bhagwan and J.Pulla Rao. Thaman is scoring the music for this movie.
Lawrence says that Prabhas will be seen as a guy who does not care about the challenges he faces. “Our hero is a guy who fights against all odds. He challenges conventional wisdom”, says Lawrence. The movie will hit the screens in 2012.


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Friday, December 23, 2011

A Chatrapathi Story for Ajay

Ajay with Prabhas (on 17/5/2009)

Many of you might be knowing how crazy i am about Chatrapathi. I always feel thrilled watching Prabhas in this movie. I sometimes go overboard with my likeness for this movie. This is one such incident that happened about a couple of weeks ago. I was in a dilemma as to whether i should post it or not, but then i thought may be a few of you might enjoy reading it.

I usually make my son Ajay (he's completing 9 yrs in a couple of months) go to sleep and on this day he was pestering me to tell a story. I was tired and in no mood to tell him a story but since he was troubling me i started to tell him a story.

"Once there two brothers named Ashok and Siva (probably you got it already!). The younger brother always disliked his elder brother. He told bad things about his brother and made him get beatings from his mother. One day there was a big fire in their village..."

At this point he found out that this was Chatrapathi story. I don't want Chatrapathi story, you tell me another story he started pestering me again. In a flash this story came in my mind and i started telling him another one. It might be a bit silly and illogical too, but it's a kids story and i really didn't mind taking liberties in my story. I even managed to evoke a few laughs from Ajay. There's an unexpected twist in the end, so please read the story fully. My wife was beside us with my daughter and she too was listening to my story. If at the end of the story, you too say that i am crazy, i will take it with a smile! Here it goes.

"Once there was a King who was a total coward. He feared everything from a cockroach to a Cheetah. He was afraid of the crowd and afraid to be alone. Everyone in the country laughed about their King. The king had a wise minister who was very much worried about the king. He wanted to change the king and make him a brave man."

"One day while the King was taking a walk in the nearby woods the minister let out a big Lion in the way of the King. The King shivered on seeing the Lion. Frightened, he climbed up a tall tree and sat high up on the tree. On seeing this the Lion laughed at the King and said," I haven't seen a cowardly king like you. Shame on you", and then the Lion walked away after teasing the King.

"The next day while the King was taking a walk the minister let out three ferocious dogs. On seeing the dogs the King ran helter skelter and then he fell into a pit of stinking slush (Ajay laughs loudly). The dogs laughed at the king and said to themselves "let's not get ourselves dirty getting into that pit." saying so they too moved away.

The minister was very worried that none his ideas worked out. He then hit upon an idea which he was sure will definitely work out (here comes the twist!). So the next day he took the King to the palace theatre and made him watch 'Chatrapathi' Movie! The King was very impressed and inspired watching the movie. He too wanted to become a brave man like Prabhas. He understood what is courage and compassion... and needless to say he became a brave king!

There was a brief gasp of unbelief in the room when i told the climax. Neither of them expected that i will bring Chatrapathi into this story. Well its another story that Ajay didn't ask me another story for quite sometime and when he asked me to tell him a story a few days back, i told him a moral story!

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Rebel Shooting in Bangkok

Prabhas's upcoming film Rebel in the direction of Choreographer turned director Raghava Lawrence is currently being shot in Bangkok, where the unit will film action sequences and songs. This movie is being produced jointly by J Bhagwan and J Pulla Rao under the Sri Balaji Cine Media banner. Prabhas is appearing in a different look in this out and out action entertainer. Tamanna and Deesksha Seth are the female leads in the film. Thaman is composing the music for this film. C Ram Prasad is handling the camera. Prabhas is simultaneously working for another movie Vaaradhi, in the direction of Koratala Siva

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The 2012 'Prabhas Calendar'

For the fourth consecutive year i have designed the 'Prabhas Calendar'. It's done in 8x6 format which means you can make yourself a spiral bound table calendar at your nearest photolab. All images will open in a new tab/window.Please don't forget to leave your comments - which ones you liked and which ones you did not. Your comments encourage and help me to improve. If the image doesn't open in a separate tab/window pls. hold the shift button while clicking on the image.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Prabhas Speaks at Bodyguard Audio Launch.

First exclusive video of Prabhas speaking at Bogyguard audio launch function. (the audio qlty is not very good, so pls. don't use earphones)

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Prabhas at 'Bodyguard' Audio Launch (13/12/2011)

Prabhas attends 'Bodyguard' Audio launch being held at Hyderabad today evening. (Live telecast going on in NTv). Here are the first stills from

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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Prabhas to flaunt his Physique for Rajamouli Movie

Nobody has projected Prabhas's rugged macho looks better than Director, S.S.Rajamouli did in Chatrapathi. Though after Billa Prabhas sported a slimmed look, he is all set to delight us with a chiselled look in his upcoming movie with hot shot director S.S.Rajamouli which is all set to commence in April 2012.

According to Sources news is that Prabhas has started out his special workouts and is following strict regimen by hiring in a special trainer. The film will be produced by Shobu Yarlagadaa and Prabhas is expected to be seen in a powerful role. Prabhas is currently shooting for koratala shiva movie in Hyderabad.

S.S.Rajamouli's Tweets on this:

"Yesterday it was Prabhas building body for my film,today it is I put him on a diet :) Fact is he shapes his body differently for each film."

"At present he is putting on muscles for Lawrence master's rebel.i haven't yet done the character sketches for my film."

"Anyways I'll benefit if he puts on muscles, as it will be a period film."

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Sunday, December 04, 2011

Prabhas to be Chief Guest for 'Bodyguard' Audio Launch.

It's confirmed now. Prabhas is going to attend the audio launch function of Venky's Bodyguard Movie to be held on 13th December (on Venkatesh's Birthday) as Chief Guest. It is said that since producer Bellamkonda Suresh has almost(?) got the rights for Rebel and because of his personal rapport with Prabhas, has invited Prabhas as CG for the audio launch. The Venue is Shilpa Kala Vedika, Hyderabad.

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Friday, December 02, 2011

Prabhas 'Vaaradhi' Shoot Begins

Young Rebel Star Prabhas starrer Vaaradhi has commenced the regular shoot of the film. Popular script writer Koratala Shiva is debuting as a director with this film. The first schedule of shoot has commenced on December 1 in Hyderabad and scenes on Prabhas and Richa Gangopadhyay are being canned in Andhra Pradesh Police Academy in Hyderabad.

Touted as a commercial entertainer, Vaaradhi casts Anushka and Richa Gangopadhyay as the leading ladies. Pramod Uppalapati and Vamsi Krishna Reddy are producing Vaaradhi under UV Creations banner.

Prabhas is also simultaneously shooting for his mass entertainer Rebel in Raghava Lawrence direction with Tamanna and Deeksha Seth as heroines.

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Prabhas at Ram Charan's Engagement (01/12/2011)

Prabhas attended the engagement function of Ram Charan Teja & Upaasana Kamineni held on the evening of 01/12/2011 at Hyderabad. Here are a couple of photos of Prabhas arriving at the function

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