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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Prabhas Interview Photoshoot


prabhas 01_t prabhas 02_t prabhas 03_t
prabhas 04_t prabhas 05_t prabhas 06_t
prabhas 07_t prabhas 08_t prabhas 09_t
prabhas 10_t prabhas 11_t prabhas 12_t
prabhas 13_t prabhas 14_t prabhas 15_t

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Prabhas - Dasarath New Film Shooting Pics

Prabhas's new film produced by Dil Raju and directed by Dasarath has commenced shooting. Kajal Agarwal is paired up with Prabhas again after the success of Darling. Fight scenes were recently shot at Ahobilam Temple. A few pics from the shooting spot.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Prabhas Interview Photoshoot


Prabhas-101_t Prabhas-102_t Prabhas-103_t
Prabhas-104_t Prabhas-105_t Prabhas-106_t
Prabhas-107_t Prabhas-108_t Prabhas-109_t
Prabhas-110_t Prabhas-111_t Prabhas-112_t
Prabhas-113_t Prabhas-114_t Prabhas-115_t
Prabhas-116_t Prabhas-117_t Prabhas-118_t
Prabhas-119_t Prabhas-120_t Prabhas-121_t
Prabhas-122_t Prabhas-123_t Prabhas-124_t
Prabhas-125_t Prabhas-126_t Prabhas-127_t
Prabhas-128_t Prabhas-129_t Prabhas-130_t
Prabhas-131_t Prabhas-132_t Prabhas-133_t
Prabhas-134_t Prabhas-135_t Prabhas-136_t
Prabhas-137_t Prabhas-138_t  

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