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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Baahubali New Stills


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Baahubali hits the German Screens Today

'Ich Bin Baahubali', the German/Deutsche dubbed version of ' Baahubali - The Beginning' is releasing today all over Germany. Arka Mediaworks, has struck a deal with leading overseas distribution house Kinostar. Though there is no specific information about the movie releasing in other German speaking countries like Belgium, Austria and Luxembourg, the movie is also releasing in cities like Vienna (Austria). 

"Bahubali: The Beginning," starring Prabhas and Rana Daggubati, holds several top records in some of the key international markets. Now, "Ich Bin Baahubali" is expected to open to a big response and do well at the German box office. The movie is likely to shatter the previous records and set new benchmarks for upcoming Indian films in the country.


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Sunday, April 24, 2016

What makes Prabhas the most wanted star?

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Prabhas is all heart and unrelentingly affable. And there’s one unavoidable truth about him. Despite the incredible degree of his stardom, he’s as unpretentious as they come – perhaps because he doesn’t take himself too seriously. 

However, there’s more to the actor than what meets the eye, and when the famously press-averse heart-throb decides to talk, there’s no stopping him! “Hello andi…bagunnara…chaala rojulu tharavatha (how are you doing…after a long time)” greets Prabhas. And that irresistible charm and casual demeanour sets the tone for our chat as the young rebel star insouciantly gives us a glimpse into his much-anticipated project Baahubali, impending marriage and Bollywood. Sashidhar Adivi gets up close and personal with the elusive star in an exclusive interview.

Initial Reaction… 

Prabhas excitedly recalls his first interaction with Rajamouli on Baahubali. “Six years back when Rajamouli was making Magadheera, he told that me that we are doing a big film. Later, he told me 5-6 lines and everything seemed big and larger than life. Three years back, he narrated the film’s plot line for about 20 minutes and explained 3-4 characterizations and scenes and I got goose bumps. I thought being a part of such a big film is like once in a lifetime opportunity.” 

Transformation Challenge 

Never before has a Telugu actor undergone as dramatic a physical transformation as Prabhas has. Mind you, even for a superstar, it was not easy to essay the dual role but clearly, Prabhas seems to have pulled out all stops to prepare for the role. “Six months before getting into the shoot, I started preparing for the role and did a lot of homework. I had to develop a Hulk-like body for the father ‘Baahubali’ (father) and a toned physique for his son ‘Shivudu’ (son).

I interacted with wrestlers of WWF in the US to get a hang of their training regimen. I observed the wrestlers, their work-out sessions and imbibed their mindset and body language to build bodies like them. I worked out for approximately 4 -5 hours daily with various fitness techniques focusing on different muscles of the body. 

I became very strict with my diet and there were times I survived on 40 egg whites (half boiled) for breakfast, added with protein powder every day. I was trained in a lot of sword fighting with Vietnamese fighters. Peter Hein choreographed the action sequences. 

I was also trained in kick-boxing, kung-fu, horse riding, sword fighting, rock climbing, etc,” explains Prabhas. 

Weathering the storm … 

Prabhas had to endure a lot of physical suffering while filming the action sequences, and has even sustained injuries. “After 250 days of shoot, I felt like enough was enough, let’s just watch the film. I used to get frustrated and ask Rajamouli to show me some visuals to see how it shaped up,” the actor confides.

Continuing in the same intense tone, he says, “For ‘Shivudu’, I had to weigh around 85 odd kilos, and for Baahubali I had to be around 95-99 kilos. It was indeed very difficult and challenging, particularly because of the time constraints. I had little time to show variations between the two roles. I had to undergo shoulder surgery in between. 

I had been enduring shoulder pain for 3 years and it got very acute while shooting for action sequences for this film. And when the pains became unbearable, I decided to go for a shoulder surgery. It wasn’t easy to stay focused for such a long time for everyone but we used draw strength from Rajamouli’s vision and the resolve of Srivalli (line producer) during tough times. She used to take care of us and we used to find motivation in her. 

Since we know that we are doing the biggest film, everyone walked the extra mile to make the film look extraordinary.” 

Rajamouli has a beautiful soul 

Evidently, Prabhas can’t get over Rajamouli and understandably so, after being associated with him for a long time. Holding the director in high esteem, the actor articulates, “I have known Rajamouli for a long time but during this film journey, we understood each other better and bonded greatly. We used to indulge in long conversations and share a lot about films and other personal things. 

He’s like my guru, mentor and has a beautiful soul. There’s an emotional connect between us. I remember, there was a time when Rajamouli said, “Darling…chaala hectic gaa undi” (Darling…it’s getting hectic). When someone like Rajamouli said hectic, you can imagine the scale of work.”

Prabhas says that he also found a best friend in Rana Daggubati. “I had met Rana two or three times before but we became friends during the first schedule. As the film progressed, we became best friends. He used to be a great source of entertainment for everyone on the sets and we shot together for more than 180 days. But whenever Rana was not in the shoot, I used to feel like ‘How am I going to have fun without him around?’ (Smiles)” 

Away from the family! 

The actor admits that he could not spend enough time with his family during Baahubali shoot, but says that they stood by him throughout and encouraged him. “Initially, we thought we could finish the film in 2 years but it went on and on…I used to go in the morning to the studio and spend most of my time there. I did not give much time to my family during that period. But they understood what was in store when I told them about the scale of the film. Not just me, the entire crew did the same,” Prabhas elucidates. 

He also reveals that his family was initially apprehensive about his action sequences but later, they were curious to see the film. “Yeah, my family was worried about my action sequences but they understood and supported me well. They know that this is one of the biggest films ever made on celluloid and so they were very happy with me being part of such a film. 

In fact, my family was so curious that they kept on asking me ‘When is the release?’ (Laughs). It was the discussion point at all my family get-togethers. In fact, the entire unit is eagerly waiting to see the film and see the audiences’ reaction,” the actor adds. 

Upcoming projects 

It’s tough to predict life after Baahubali and the actor admits the same. “Even I don’t know how life would be after this film! (laughs) Let’s wait for the release and see. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. But Prabhas will always be Prabhas no matter what. 

I have a couple of films lined up – one directed by Sujeeth. The script is almost locked and we’re trying to get into the pre-production. There’s another film I have committed to with Gopikrishna Movies production,” the actor reveals.

Cameo in Bollywood 

Prabhas made a brief appearance in the Hindi film Action Jackson, directed by Prabhu Dheva. The lanky lad grooved along with Sonakshi Sinha, in the song ‘Punjabi Mast’ but the director had kept the actor’s appearance under wraps until release. 

Prod the actor on how it happened, he explains, “Prabhu Dheva sir is my close of friend and one day, he called me and asked me to come to his house. I was on a break from shooting and it was post my surgery. He asked me to show off some of my dance moves for his numbers. I said I just want to come there and stand, and finally, he gave in to my request.” 


Coming to something more personal, his impending marriage for instance and the actor remains tightlipped about it. “Soon…one fine day…Nothing is going on as of now but I’ll tell you if there’s anything interesting happening on that front,” quips Prabhas. 

Once a star, always a star! Prabhas, we love you!


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New release strategy for Prabhas

Young Rebel Star Prabhas is no longer a regular Telugu hero. After ‘Baahubali’, he is perhaps the most famous actor from Tollywood across the country and with the much bigger ‘Baahubali – The Conclusion’ next year, his stardom and stature will only increase. 

This is why Prabhas is going to adopt a different release strategy for all of his films from now on. According to sources, Prabhas and his team are going to make sure that every film of the actor from now onwards will have a good release in Tamil and Hindi markets, in addition to Telugu. 

Prabhas does not want to lose the momentum that he has built up over the last two years. This definitely makes sense and let us hope Prabhas’s strategy works out as expected.

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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Rana starts beefing up for Baahubali 2

The shooting of Baahubali 2 was going on sans Rana Daggubatti as lead star Prabhas was shooting most of the time. Reports reveal that Rana will join the shoot from mid May and has also started preparing for the same. 

Rana has currently moved to Mumbai and is undergoing terrific transformation under a special expert. The lanky hero will once again put on weight and look menacing for the magnum opus which is set for a massive release in 2017.

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Monday, April 18, 2016

'Ich Bin Baahubali' to hit German Screens on 28th April

'Bahubali' to release in Germany: 'Ich Bin Baahubali' to beat 'Lunchbox,' 'Ram Leela,' 'Dilwale' records at box office

"Ich Bin Baahubali," the dubbed version of SS Rajamouli's "Bahubali: The Beginning," is gearing to shatter the collection records of "The Lunchbox," "Ram Leela" and "Dilwale" at the German box office. 

Shobu Yarlagadda, the producer of "Bahubali: The Beginning," had confirmed in October 2015 that he was busy making arrangements for its release in Latin America, Germany and European territories. "I want the film's global release to create a pathway for next year's sequel," he had told Variety. 

The latest we hear is that Arka Mediaworks International, which is the sales arm of his production house Arka Mediaworks, has struck a deal with leading overseas distribution house Kinostar. The maker has completed the dubbing of "Bahubali: The Beginning" in Deutsch. He has planned to release its dubbed version titled "Ich Bin Baahubali" across the country on April 28. 

Shobu Yarlagadda has now confirmed the news about the title of its German Deutsch version and release date on its official Twitter handle. He tweeted on April 6, "'#Baahubali - The Beginning', jumping into screens in Germany on the 28th of April!! #IchBinBaahubali" On April 13, he added, "Watch Bhallaladeva and #Baahubali battle it out in theaters in Germany, April 28th!!! #IchBinBaahubali." 

The trailer of "Ich Bin Baahubali" was released via YouTube channel of Film Select on April 16. The 1.49-minute-long vide o has received decent response from the audience in Germany. The trailer has been viewed 15,207 times in 15 hours. 

However, Germany has been one of the potential key international markets for the Indian movies in recent years. Several Indian movies were released in Germany and had done well at the German box office. "The Lunchbox" created history at the German box office, by crossing the €1-million mark. Most of Shah Rukh Khan's recent releases have done wonders at the ticket counters in the country. 

"Bahubali: The Beginning," starring Prabhas and Rana Daggubati, holds several top records in some of the key international markets. Now, "Ich Bin Baahubali" is expected to open to a big response and do well at the German box office. The movie is likely to shatter the previous records and set new benchmarks for upcoming Indian films in the country.  
Here is a table of top 10 Indian movies that have made superb collection at the German box office: [The figures mentioned in the table are based on various reports by Bollywood Hungama and they may differ from the actual numbers released by the makers.]

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Friday, April 15, 2016

North Media continues to adore Prabhas

An article about Prabhas in Zee News.

Mumbai: Telugu star Prabhas is now a household name pan India, courtesy SS Rajamouli’s magnum opus ‘Baahubali’. 

The hunk of an actor has a masculine physique to die for. We saw him lifting a huge Shiva Linga in the film and performing some breathtaking stunts. 

While talking to the media, Prabhas spoke about the secret that keeps him fit and healthy. He believes in staying fit by indulging in some outdoor sports and free hand workouts. 

Prabhas loves playing volleyball with his friends and this sport helps him in remaining fit. He said, “I love playing Volleyball and I make sure to get some time out to catch up with my friends over a game of volleyball whenever I can. Catching up over a game of Volleyball has almost become like a ritual to us.” 

And it’s now quite clear that the actor loves open spaces and environment to meet his fitness goals. We can certainly take a cue from him. What say, people?


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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Vijayendra Prasad reveals Baahubali’s Mahabharata connect

With the historic success of Baahubali The Beginning, star Telugu writer Vijayendra Prasad became a popular name across the country. In his latest interview to a leading English news daily, Vijayendra Prasad revealed several interesting tidbits about the film. 

The senior writer said that Baahubali has a deep Mahabharata connect as all the film’s lead characters were inspired from the epic Mahabharata. If Bhishma inspired Kattappa’s character, Sivagami’s character had shades of Kaikeyi, Gandhari and Kunti. 

Furthermore, Bijjaladeva’s character was derived from Sakuni and Bhallaladeva’s character had its inspirations from Dhuryodhana, while Baahubali is a reflection of Arjuna and Rama’s characters. Interestingly, the veteran writer also hinted that Kattappa may not have killed Baahubali, leaving everyone even more excited.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Prabhas Will Be Free After October!

Here comes the good news for all the fans of Prabhas who are worrying that the crucial years of his career is being consumed by “Baahubali” franchise. 

Although “Baahubali 2” will release next year, Prabhas will be free from the movie’s shoot this year and he can begin another movie from the year end. “Baahubali 2” is progressing on very fast manner. 

Rajamouli is reportedly planning to complete entire shooting part by Dussera festival. Hence Prabhas will not have to keep the same look of “Baahubali” from October and he would be free to start another movie. 

Rajamouli has habit of postponing the production schedules and extending the shooting days for months but this time he reportedly promised Prabhas that he won’t extend the shooting process beyond Dussera festival. And the producers are planning to release a teaser for the festival. 

If everything goes smoothly, Prabhas will commence shooting for ‘Run Raja Run’ director Sujith’s new film from the year end. The film is going to be high-budgeted action entertainer with estimated budget of Rs 80 Cr.



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Monday, April 11, 2016

Baahubali enthralls Brussels

Looks like there’s still no stopping Baahubali. This India’s biggest motion picture, after swaying its audiences across India, USA and several other countries, has just enthralled the terror hit European city of Brussels in Belgium. 

Yesterday, one of Baahubali’s producers Shobu Yarlagadda tweeted a video which showed an entire auditorium that housed nearly 900 audiences going euphoric while watching the film’s screening at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival. 

The audience thoroughly enjoyed the unique cinematic experience they could ever imagined to come from India.


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Prabhas and Surya sharing personal moments

Actor Prabhas & Actor Suriya Sharing Personal Moments In #KollywoodGalatta
Posted by Sun TV on Sunday, April 10, 2016

Kollywood Kalatta is a special programme on Sun TV where actors come together and share their memories, play and perform. In the video above Surya and Prabhas share some personal memories during Baahubali shooting. 

As both Surya and Prabhas speak in Tamil, here's a short brief of what both speak. First things first. Surya invites Prabhas to the programme on 17th April with a traditional 'Thamboolam' which is handed over to Prabhas by actor Ramana and Kovai Sarala. 

Prabhas said that Surya once visited the sets of Baahubali when the war sequence was going on and there were about 300-400 artistes in Kalakeya makeup and everyone on the set on seeing Surya just came and surrounded Surya and wanted to take photographs with him and that Surya had congratulated him for Baahubali first part. Prabhas also said that Surya enjoys the home food he sends from his home. Prabhas said that Surya though being a super star is still a very sweet person. 

Surya said, we think ourselves to be best in hospitality, but there (at Hyderabad) they were outstanding. He also said that he would love to take Prabhas home when he comes to Chennai. Everone at home would be happy. Please do come on 17th. He also shared some thing he wished to happen, that is he would somehow make Hari(Director) to make both of them act in Singham 3 and that Prabhas in turn should make him to come in atleast one scene in Baahubali 2. Now i can't wait to watch the episode on 17th April.


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Rana Daggubati to join Baahubali 2

After the historic success of Baahubali The Beginning, team Baahubali is currently shooting for the film’s second part, Baahubali The Conclusion. The flick is progressing at a brisk pace. 

Recently, the unit completed a schedule in Kerela and also an upbeat action scene was shot in Ramoji Film City recently, 

According to the latest reports, the antagonist of the flick Rana is set to join the sets in the last week of April.

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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Baahubali gearing up for its German release

After a grand theatrical run in India, US and several foreign countries, India’s biggest motion picture Baahubali The Beginning is all set to hit the screens across Germany on April 28th 2016. 

The film’s German version will be distributed by leading German distributor Film Select. Earlier, Film Select zeroed in on the 14th of April for the release, but it had to be pushed due to some local factors. 

The German version’s trailer has a completely different cut as compared to the Telugu version and it is highly impressive. Directed by SS Rajamouli and produced by Shobu Yarlagadda, Baahubali recently won the prestigious national award for Best Film and Best VFX awards.

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