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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Shraddha Das playing role in 'Darling'

Shraddha Das playing role in 'Darling'(March 30,2010)

After playing cameo roles in Arya2 and a bit significant role in the recently-released Maro Charitra, Shraddha Das is all set to play a glamorous role in Prabhas-starrer Darling.

It is learnt that the actress has a good role in the movie. Details of what her character is going to be like are not yet known. Film Nagar sources tell that she will be seen in a song.

It may be noted that Shraddha is turning out to be a good choice for the second fiddle these days. She says that she was happy to act opposite Allu Arjun in Arya2, which was why she agreed to do the film.

She says that she was presented beautifully in the film and also Maro Charitra. She is reported to have said that it is not wrong to 'cross the boundary' if the script/sequence so warrants.

Is she hinting out at playing a bold role, in near future?


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Prabhas 'Darling' Movie Exclusive Widescreen Wallpapers

Friends, I have designed some Widescreen Wallpapers(1440X900 resolution) of Prabhas's Darling movie from the stills. All the images will automaically open in a new window.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Prabhas 'Darling' Movie Exclusive Stills

Stills from Prabhas's upcoming flick 'Darling' without any watermarks and airbrushed for a soft romantic feel.
(All images will open in a new window. No need to right click and open in a new tab.)


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