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Thursday, June 30, 2011

This Blog's Top 10 Posts of June 2011

Blogger gives some interesting facilities - like checking your top posts - day, week, month & all time tops, knowing your audience, traffic sources etc. I find the Top posts option very useful as it helps me to know what is liked more and make it more interesting. I thought of sharing this month's Top 10 Posts for the month of June 2011.

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1. Mr.Perfect All Song Lyrics

2. Prabhas as 'REBEL'

3. Munna Full Movie Online (With English Subtitles)

4. Prabhas Birthday Photos

5. Prabhas's 'Mr.Perfect' Stills - Set 1

6. Darling Full Movie Online (with English Subtitles)
(movie not avl now. Will make an alternate upload soon)

7. 'Rebel' Exclusive Posters & Wallpapers

8. Prabhas New Stills (No Watermarks)

9. Mr.Perfect Video Songs (with Digital Audio)

10. Who's Prabhas asks Nitya Menon

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mr.Perfect 10th Week Centres

Mr.Perfect is entering it's 10th Week in 20 Direct Centres and about 66 Centres in all.


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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Prabhas News from the Archives - Part 4

In this post we will take a look at some of the film news on Prabhas during the First half of 2005. Some interesting things here - Prabhas was to do Badrinath (and thank god he didn't), Prabhas slashed his remuneration for Chatrapathi and Pournami was inspired by real life incidents. Read more in this post.

January to June 2005

20th January 2005
Prabhas as Badrinath
Chinni Krishna who provided storyline for the blockbusters like Narasimha Naidu, Indra and Gangotri in the past would be directing a film with Prabhas as hero. This film is titled as Badrinath. Gopikrishna Films - the home banner of Krishnam Raju - is reentering film production after a gap of 19 years. Prabhas's elder brother Prabodh would act as producer. It might be learnt that Suryanarayana Raju (brother of Krishnam Raju) acted as producer for Gopikrishna banner when Krishnamraju was active as hero. Now it is the turn of new generation (Prabhash & Prabodh) to carry forward the banner. This announcement was made today (20th January) on the eve of birthday of Krishnam Raju. This film would go to floors on 11th May 2005. More details awaited.

23rd January 2005
Chatrapati from 10th February
Regular shooting of SS Rajamouli's latest film Chatrapati with Prabhas as hero would start on 10th February 2005. This film would be produced by Bhogavally Prasad. Vijayendra Prasad provides story. MM Keeravani scores music. A Ratnam pens dialogues.

30th January 2005
Chakram audio in Feb 1st week
Audio of Krishna Vamsi's latest film 'Chakram' starring Prabhas is going to be released in the 1st week of February 2005. Chakri scored music. Aditya music bought the audio rights. Siva Raju and Venkat Raju produce this film on Geeta Chitra banner. This film is expected to hit the marquee in the last week of February 2005.

25th February 2005
Rajamouli slashes remuneration
In a healthy and generous gesture, Raja Mouli - the hotshot director who delivered three continuous blockbusters Student No.1, Simhadri and Sye - has slashed his remuneration for his latest film Chatrapati starring Prabhas. It is reliably learnt that Prabhas also slashed his remuneration for this film. By doing so, this director-hero duo made sure that budget stays in stipulated limits. It may be noted that Rajamouli has charged a very nominal remuneration for Sye film as well. Let us hope that few of our budget-fetish directors take a cue from Rajamouli and bring smiles to producers.

10th February 2005
Chakram audio on 18th Feb
Audio of Krishna Vamsi's latest film 'Chakram' with Prabhas as hero would be releasing on 18th of February 2005. Charmy and Asin are playing female leads in this film. Siva Raju and Venkat Raju are producing this film on Geeta Chitra International banner. Chakri scored music. This film is expected to release in the month of March 2005.

15th February 2005
Shriya in Chatrapati
Shriya is being paired up with Prabhas in SS Rajamouli's next film 'Chatrapati'. Shooting of this film would start on 18th of this month in Vizag. Bhanu Priya, Pradeep Raut, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Narendra Jha, Venu Madhav and LB Sriram play other important roles. Vijayendra Prasad provided story. A Ratnam pens dialogues. Santhil Kumar (Aithe and Sye fame) handles camera. MM Keeravani scores music. BVSN Prasad produces this film on Sri Venkateswara Cine Chitra banner.

24th February 2005
Chakram on 25th March
Krishna Vamsi - Prabhas combination film Chakram is hitting marquee on 25th of March 2005. Audio of this film was released on 18th of February and got good appreciation. Chakri scored music. This film sports Asin and Charmy in the female leads. Siva Raju and Venkata Raju are producing this film on Geeta Chitra International banner. Krishna Vamsi is tight lipped about the details of this film.

29th March 2005
Ladies shows for Chakram
Krishnam Raju recollected the days when his film Jeevana Tarangalu used to have special ladies shows. The same phenomenon is repeating for Prabhas's Chakram. The exhibitor of Chakram is arranging a special show exclusive for ladies on 30th of March in Guntur and the tickets are already sold out.

17th May 2005
Surender to direct Prabhas
It is learnt that Prabhas would star in Surendar's (Athanokkade fame) next venture. This film would be produced by KLN Raju. It would take around 4 months for the script to finalize. Meanwhile, Prabhas would be busy acting in Chatrapati and Pournami.

13th June 2005
Pournami coincides with Sankranthi
MS Raju's next film Pournami with Prabhas as hero would be starting in July and is expected to release on 14th January 2006 on the eve of Sankranthi. Incidentally January 14th January 2006 is Pournami as per Indian Tidhis. Actually we have Pournami titled film releasing on Pournami day which also happens to be Sankranthi. MS Raju scored 3 consecutive blockbusters for the last three Sankranthis. Trisha is the heroine and Devi Sri Prasad would score the music.




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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Shooting Spot - Jinka Vetaki Song from Adavi Ramudu

This Song from Adavi Ramudu has been shot entirely in locations in and around Bangalore and Mysore in Karnataka, India.

Take a look at these Screenshots

The first part of the song at been shot at the Bangalore Palace (also known as Wodeyar Palace)in the city of Bangalore. It was built by Rev.Garett and is a smaller replica of the Windsor Castle at Berkshire, England. The construction of the palace was started in 1862 and completed in 1944. In 1884, it was bought by the Maharaja of Mysore, Chamaraja Wodeyar. It is now owned by the current scion of the Mysore royal family, Srikanta Datta Narsimharaja Wadiyar, the palace has recently undergone a renovation.

High Quality Pictures of the Bangalore Palace

The next part of the song has been shot at the Cheluva Narayana Swamy Temple at Melkote, Karnataka. Gundusoodhi Song from Chatrapathi has also been shot here.

The above scenes have been picturised at the Cheluva Narayana Swamy Temple, around the temple tank (Kalyani Theertham), the pillared corridors and the mantapams at the temple.

A high quality picture of the pillared corridors

Circular Mandapam at Kalyani Theertham

A beautiful aerial view of the temple

Take a look at these Screenshots

The above scenes were shot at the Eagleton Golf Resort,a 4 star hotel located on the Bangalore - Mysore Highway about 30 kms from Bangalore.

Eagleton Golf Resort, Bangalore

Finding this location was a bit tricky as it was not a famous tourist spot. But since the song has been shot around Bangalore & Mysore, i hoped that this resort should be around this location only and finally found it.

The above scenes were also shot at the Eagleton Resort at the poolside of the hotel. Check out the high quality pictures of the beautiful pool highlighted with Cycas Revoluta plants all around the pool.

The final part of the song has been shot at a more famous location at Bangalore. Check out these Screen Shots.

The above scenes were shot at the Lalitha Mahal Palace Hotel, Mysore. Located at about 11 kms from Mysore. This Palace is set in the middle of sprawling terraced gardens. Maharaja Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV commissioned this two-storied Palace in 1921. This Palace was built to exclusively to accommodate the Viceroy of India. E.W. Fritchley from Mumbai designed the Palace in the Renaissance style and included designs concepts from the Italian palazzo and English manor. This Palace meant for special royal guests has now been converted into a heritage category five-star hotel of India Tourism Development Corporation of the Government of India.

The first two screenshots are picturised at the grand entrance of the hotel. Check out the grandeur of this entrance in the HQ pics

High Quality images of the Lalitha Mahal Palace Hotel


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Saturday, June 25, 2011

180 Movie gets a big Thumbs Down at the Box Office

Nitya Menon, the one telugu film old mallu girl's new movie 180 has got a big thumbs down at the box office. Ever since this girl asked 'Who is Prabhas?', every Prabhas fan wanted this film to flop just for Nitya Menon, and our wishes have come true. Sorry Siddharth and Priya Anand.

Critics have panned the film for its slow boring narration and poor screenplay. The positives were just the techical brilliance and good performances by Siddharth and Priya Anand.

Here's what websites have to say about the movie

180 – Boring journey at a speed of 180 centimeters per hour!

‘Live’ your day happily by ‘Escaping’ 180 minutes of this headache.

An average movie with technical brilliance. Watch it only if you have no other options.


‘180’ seems to be an emotional torture and the film is completely artificial and bumpy.


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Shooting Spot - Gundusoodhi Song from Chatrapathi

This famous song from Chatrapathi has been picturised at Melkote in Karnataka
(also known as Melukote), a historic town in the Mandya District of Karnataka, located about 50 kms from Mysore and about 130 kms from Bangalore. Most of the song has been picturised at the Cheluva Narayana Swamy Temple here.

A beautiful view of the temple from the adjacent hill top.

This scene was shot at the pillared corridors surrounding the Temple Tank (which can be seen in the picture of the temple above).

(This is the exact place where this scene was shot. Notice the broken stone slab on the floor in both the pictures?). I suppose these corridors should be about 15 ft in height by comparing Prabhas's height with that of the pillars.
A high quality picture of the pillared corridors

Like to know where exactly Shreya is sitting in this screenshot?

Do you notice a set of small pillars in the corner of the temple tank?

You can see it more clearly in this picture.Notice the smaller twin pillars? That's the exact spot where the above shot was picturised. By the way, the Temple tank is called 'Kalyani Theertham'. I don't know the exact purpose of these pillars, but i suppose they're probably used to measure the water depth in the tank.
Circular Mandapam at Kalyani Theertham

A few scenes have been shot at the above mandapam. This spot (mandapam & temple) can also be seen in Jinka Vetaki Song from Adavi Ramudu. I was not able to find out whether this mandapam has a specific name.

Another view of the mantapam

This scene was shot on the steps surrounding the Kalyani Theertham (Temple Tank). Check out the high quality picture posted below.

The exact spot where the above scene was picturised. Notice the red painted pillars?

This scene is picturised in the Yadavagiri or Yadugiri hills surrounding the temple. At the back of the pic, on the hill top is the Yoga Narasimha Temple. No info is available on the old temple in he foreground.

A view of the Yoga Narasimha Temple

Here comes a interesting location. This one's a staple location in many Maniratnam Films. You may also have seen in Rajni's 'Thalapathy' (Rakamma Song) or in the opening shot of Barso Re Megha song from Maniratnam's 'Guru'.

The above scenes have been shot at the 'Royagopura' at Mekote, Karnataka. This place is also very near to the Cheluva Narayana Swamy Temple.

High Quality pictures of the Royagopura

and a lot of sites for the images.


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