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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

CWG (2010) Theme Song - Just for Prabhas Fans

The Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games theme song “Swagatham” or more known as "Jiyo Utho Badho Jeeto" is released on Aug, 28 by A.R. Rahman. According to Rahman, his song will beat and go beyond the Shakira’s Waka-Waka Song, which she sang for Fifa World Cup 2010. The song is dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi.

Language: ‘Swagatham’ is written in Hindi with a few English words.
Lead Singer: A.R. Rahman
Launch Date: August 28, 2010.

This special video of the song i made is for all Prabhas fans who like to have a dash of Prabhas for that extra Zing.







Oh yaaron, yeh India bulaa liya
Diwaano yeh India bulaa liya… bulaa liya

Yeh toh khel hai
Bada mail hai
Milaa diya… milaa diya

Yeh toh khel hai
Bada mail hai
Milaa diya

Oh rukna rukna rukna rukna rukna nahi
Haarna haarna haarna haarna haarna nahi
Junoon se kanoon se maidaan maar lo

Let’s go
Let’s go

Play o jiyo heyo let’s go
Play o jiyo heyo let’s go

Oh yaaron, yeh India bulaa liya
Diwaano yeh India bulaa liya… bulaa liya

Parvat sa ucha uthoon toh yeh
Duniya salami de

Sardil iraade na ho jayein kahin
Dil ko woh suraj de

Jiyo utho badho jeeto
Tera mera jahaan let’s go

Kaisi saji hai saji hai dekho maati apni
Bani rashke jahaan yaara ho
Kai rang hai boli hai kai desh hai magar
yahi jag hai samaaya saara ho

Laagi re ab laagi re lagan
Jaagi re mann jeet ki agan
Uthi re ab iraadon mein tapan
Chali re gori chali ban than

Kadmon mein ek bhanwar ka hai din
Jashn ka aaj din hai
Seenon mein Toofaan ka hai din
Baazu aasmaan yeh din hai
Yeh din hai
Mera din hai
Tu zor laga, chal aankh milaa
Kal na aaye din yeh

Jiyo utho badho jeeto
Play o jiyo heyo let’s go
Jiyo utho badho jeeto
Tera mera jahaan let’s go
Jiyo utho badho jeeto
Tera mera jahaan let’s go


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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Prabhas and Switzerland - Part Three

This time we'll have a look at Neeve Neeve Song locations from Darling Movie. This song has been shot in Lucerne and Bern in Switzerland. Lucerne is another beautiful town located by the side of the Lake Lucerne and Bern, the capital of Switzerland.

The scenes below have been shot at the Fritschi Fountain at Kapellplatz, Lucerne.Lucerne has its fair share of fountains and Fritschi Fountain is one of the city's favourites. Fritschi is a legendary character who dates back to the 15th century and his statue stands in the middle of the fountain, while his wife, a maiden and a peasant are also part of the set up.

The Fritschi Fountain:

This scene has been shot the Parliament House, Bern. Though you can't see the Parliament Buildings in this song, you can see the fountains in the front. The colourful pillar is actually a street phone booth a couple of which can be seen in the market place adjoining the parliament building.

The Parliament House with the Fountains:

A view of the place on Google Maps (You can see both the fountains and the phone booths here):

Remember seeing this place?

Well, this Darling still was shot here. It's near the Tower Clock, MarketGasse and also quite near the Parliament Buildings.

This scene was also shot at the same place near the Parliament Building.

A view of the place on Google Maps (near the Vatter Restaurant):

A view of the Parliament Buiding, Bern from the Vatter Restaurant.

This scene where Prabhas croons 'Cheliya......' is on the Rathaus-Steg bridge, one of the seven bridges in the city of Lucerne across the River Reuss leading to one of the most famous landmarks of the town, The Jesuit Church (Jesuitenkirche) which can be seen in the background.

Some more views of the Rathaus-Steg and the Jesuit Church.

More on Gundello Song (Ek Niranjan) locations in Switzerland in my next post.

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Click here for Part Two


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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Prabhas and Switzerland - Part Two

Some more on the Movie locations of 'Darling' in Switzerland. I think i would roamed more on the streets of Bern (on Google Maps, ofcourse)than Prabhas did shooting for the movie.

More on Inka Edo Song

These scenes have been shot in front of the Bern Cathedral called 'The Münster of Bern', a protestant Gothic Cathedral which was started in 1421 and finished with the belltower in 1893.

A high quality pic of the The Münster of Bern:

This is a screenshot of the Bern Cathedral on Google Maps:

This more popular still, which you would've seen in the movie stills has been shot in front of the Swiss Parliament Buildings, Bern.

Here are a couple of Pictures of the House of Parliament, Bern. You will be seeing the fountains in front of the buildings in Neeve Neeve Song, which also been shot around these locations.

The Parliament Building on Google Maps:

This one's in front of the Zytglogge. The Zytglogge is the landmark medieval clock tower in the Old City of Bern. This scene has been shot on the eastern face of the Zytglogge.

The Zytglogge. You will be seeing this location and the bear fountain in yet another song (no, not from Darling)of Prabhas.

More on Neeve Neeve Song locations in Switzerland in my next post.

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Click here for Part Three

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Taapsee with Prabhas

This is the pic Taapsee had posted on Twitter. A photo with Prabhas during the Dasarath movie shooting presently going on in Australia.

I feel Taapsee should learn a couple of things from our Prabhas - the first is to maintain a respectable distance with co-stars (and showing some respect for her seniors) and toning down the overconfidence and attitude. Taapsee, You have already earned the wrath of thousands of Prabhas fans by your overconfident pose of putting your hands disrespectfully on OUR Prabhas's shoulder... and by the way you are making the gentleman feel uncomfortable!


Want to know Taapsee reaction to this Post? here's what she had replied to lavanya_aluri on Twitter.

Reactions of PRABHAS fans on ur twit pic's...

bullshit! Jobless ppl!

Well, Taapsee's presumptuous attitute to the fore once again. She should understand it is these 'jobless' people who she talks about, who go to the theatres to watch the Movies... and we watch it just for 'PRABHAS' no matter who the heroine is.

One more pic Taapsee had posted on Twitter

This looks much better!

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Darling Movie Posters & Stills (New and Unseen)

Check out some new awesome Posters/Stills of Prabhas in Darling Movie. All images will automatically open in a new window.

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