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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mirchi Breaches 40Cr Barrier

Young Rebel Star Prabhas’s ‘Mirchi’ has turned out to be a phenomenal hit and the movie’s worldwide revenue has breached the 40 Cr barrier. With this performance, Prabhas joins a select club of Telugu heroes who have managed to achieve this feat. 

Collections are still pretty steady in most areas and the film is the biggest hit in Prabhas’s career. As of yesterday, it is learnt that the movie brought in a share of 16 Crores in Nizam and Ceded areas together. Another 18 Crores came in from the rest of Andhra Pradesh. Strong revenues from Karnataka and overseas markets pushed the total revenue figure past the 40 Cr mark.

Koratala Shiva directed this movie and UV Creations banner has produced it. Devi Sri Prasad has composed the music. Anushka and Richa Gangopadhyay were seen as the heroines.

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Mirchi Success Posters without Watermarks



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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Prabhas Interview (

Prabhas’s latest film Mirchi has become a big hit. His next film is an epic film Baahubali to be directed by SS Rajamouli. Prabhas has recently had chitchat with scribes. Here are excerpts of an interview -

How are you savoring the success?
I do enjoy with my friends whenever my film becomes a hit. Since my friends and cousins are producers of this film, I am enjoying it a lot more.

How do you react to the comment of ‘one-man-show’?
Film becomes hit only because of team work. If you call Mirchi as Prabhas’s one-man-show, you should also credit my flops to me as one-man-shows. I am just a part of a film and I am very happy that way.

How did Mirchi happen?
I was supposed to do Rajamouli’s film ¾ years back and he has started Eega project. Then I accepted Rebel film. Eega got delayed by 8 months for release. During that period my producers have asked me to listen to Koratala Siva’s script. I got hooked by the interval point and climax. I expected him to come up with a dialogue oriented narration as he is a writer, but he has given scene-oriented and screenplay-oriented natation. That climax was new for me and I gave a go-ahead.

As an actor you put in maximum effort into a film, but some of them become hits and some of them become flops. How do you take it?
I don’t like it if my film becomes a flop. I feel that editing is as important as shooting the film. A film becomes better with good editing. All I look for are 3 emotional scenes in a film that lock audiences’ attention into the film. For a film to become a hit – story should be good, director should execute it well during shoot and post-production should help the movie.

Entertainment in terms of comedy orientation has become a key for Telugu film box office success in current scenario. What care do you take during this aspect?
If you observe my films, I have started comedy/entertainment orientation in my characterization and dialogues from the film Bujiigadu. All my films since then have comedy quotient in ample proportions. Sometimes I request my directors to have more entertaining characterization for me.

There are rumors floating around that your marriage is fixed with a Bhimavaram girl?
Please tell me who that girl is. I am also curious to know. I might get married in the next year (2014).

Your styling and looks are good in Mirchi?
My friend Baski is the one who styled for all the characters in Mirchi film. Audiences have liked my formals in the movie. Baski has been taking care of my looks right from Bujjigadu film. The film is looking colorful and vibrant because of the cinematographer Madhie. I saw Hindi film Shaitan and got impressed by the camerawork of Madhie. It’s like watching a French film. Initially he wanted to try digital camera for the film, but I asked him to go ahead with a real camera. However, he used a digital camera to shoot Yahoo song in Mirchi. It’s pretty good.

Are you open to Multistarrers?
Yes. I am always open if the script demands it.

Tell us about your next film Baahubali with Rajamouli?
Rajamouli has become a huge director of national reputation. We have been talking about our film for the past ¾ years. He has narrated me around 6/7 lines so far and he has finally confirmed Baahubali story. He has made me put through a couple of photo sessions with the bearded getup. There will be few more photo sessions before he finalizes the look. I am going through rigorous physical training for Baahubali. I had few action choreographed training with Vietnamese fighters recently. This is just the first round. I will have to go through several further rounds to prepare for the character I am going to do.

Rajamouli being a perfectionist and Baahubali being a mega epic venture, this film might take a lot of time than one commits?
My only aim now is to satisfy Rajamouli with my hard work and preparation.

Mirchi is doing extremely well in Nizam and it’s opening a big market for you in USA?
My first film Eeswar has old city backdrop. Varsham has Warangal backdrop. I am happy that my films are really doing well in Nizam. I also thank overseas movie lovers for accepting and appreciating Mirchi film. As a token of gratitude I am going to USA and meet Telugu movie lovers in a few cities this weekend.

Do you like to be called ‘young rebel star’?
I want to be called as Prabhas. I didn’t want young rebel star tag and I requested my producers to get away from it for Mirchi title cards. But, fans love that tag. I am keeping that title only for the sake of fans.

You have Mirchi doing exceedingly well now and your next film Baahubali is going to be humongous. Are you in race for ‘No. 1’ spot?
I don’t think we are qualified enough for ‘No.1’ spot by having a couple of quick hits. It takes decades of consistent box office performance to claim the No. 1 spot. I am not in race for No. 1 spot.


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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mirchi Box Office Verdict

Mirchi : Young Rebel Star Prabhas's 'Mirchi' has released amidst good expectations and the movie has been received extremely well at the Box Office. Anushka and Richa Gangopadhyay are the heroines in this movie and Devi Sri Prasad has composed the music. Koratala Siva is the director. The film is expected to be the biggest grosser in Prabhas's career and collections are on par with some of the biggest grossers seen in recent times.

No.1st position at the box office.
 Prabhas is ultra handsome in the movie. His look in Mirchi is perhaps his best yet and he is the single biggest asset of this movie. Richa Gangopadhyay looks good and Anushka delivers a neat performance in the second half. Brahmanandam manages to bring a few laughs as Veera Pratap. Dialogues are very good


A CENTERS - Excellent

B CENTERS - Excellent

C CENTERS - Excellent

Trade verdict : Super Hit

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Prabhas Interview on ETV


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Mirchi may breach the 40Cr mark

Young Rebel Star Prabhas’s ‘Mirchi’ is doing superb business at the Box Office and collections were extremely strong over the weekend. The movie is the biggest hit in Prabhas’s career and trade analysts are now predicting that the film may breach the all important 40 Crore mark. 

As of yesterday night, collections for East Godavari stand at approximately Rs. 1.72 Crores (share). The film is expected to fetch a share of approximately Rs. 2.30 – Rs. 2.50 Crores in the long run. The previous highest figure for Prabhas in this area stands at Rs. 1.86 Crores, which came in for ‘Mr. Perfect’. 

The film has Anushka and Richa Gangopadhyay as the heroines. Devi Sri Prasad has composed the music and Koratala Siva is the director.

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Prabhas Exclusive Interview (

Young Rebel Star Prabhas is happy and relaxed these days. He is basking in the glory of his latest blockbuster ‘Mirchi’ and is excited at the same time about his upcoming project ‘Baahubali’. We caught up with Prabhas today for a brief interview. The actor was sporting a full beard and heavily muscled arms. See what he had to say about ‘Mirchi’, his upcoming film ‘Baahubali’ and his career choices in general.
Q. Looks like you are working out heavily..
A. (Smiles). Yes. I am doing some very rigorous work outs to change my body structure. It is for my upcoming film ‘Baahubali’. I will sport a very muscular look for that movie
Q. Now that Mirchi has been declared a blockbuster, how do you feel?
A. I am very happy. Normally, I share my success with my closest friends and cousins. But because I made this film with my cousins and friends, this success is doubly special for me.
Q. Some people have called ‘Mirchi’ a ‘one man show’. What is your comment?
A. I don’t agree to that statement. It can never be a one man show. It will always be a team effort. Take Anushka for example. Crowds are whistling for her entry scenes. That shows how much star power she has. Can you still call it a one man show?
Q. What according to you, is the best part about Mirchi?
A. The narration. I really liked the way in which this story was narrated. It was fresh and quite novel for me. And people are enjoying the film, so I guess they like it as well.
Q. The story seems to have some similarities with other Telugu films. What do you say?
A. (Smiles) This is a commercial cinema. Any big commercial cinema with entertainment as primary motive will have a few references to other stories. That is not a problem in my book, as long as there is something new in terms of screenplay or presentation. If you want all films to have totally fresh stories, we must make one film every 3 years like Mr. Aamir Khan does (smiles again)
Q. Will you stick to commercial entertainers or will you attempt parallel cinema too?
A. I will not act in parallel cinema or in art films. I will stick to entertainers. I will experiment within the limits of my image. For example, ‘Darling’ and ‘Mr. Perfect’ were experiments for me since I attempted family drama. I may never do a film like ‘Chakram’ again
Q. Won’t you get bored with the same kind of roles then?
A, I did get bored after a string of action films and that is why I opted to do films like ‘Darling’ and ‘Mr. Perfect’. I got my kick and I am now working for an action entertainer ‘Baahubali’. In future, I may try something different again. But whatever I do, I will ensure that it will be an entertaining flick for my fans and for viewers.
Q. You have the title ‘Young Rebel Star’. Are you happy with that?
A. (Thinks) You see, I am never really comfortable with titles. If left to me, I will simply use Prabhas. I tried to convince my friends to drop ‘Young Rebel Star’ for ‘Mirchi’ but they convinced me otherwise. My fans love that title and they did not want to disappoint them. I agreed to it. My fans are most important to me and whatever they like is what I will like. (laughs)
Q. How crucial are the technical departments for the success of a film?
A. Technicians are very very important for a film. They don’t often get recognition but their work often makes or breaks a film. Take an editor for example. The final output of the film is nothing but the editor’s vision. Editing is extremely crucial and only a competent editor can judge what to keep and what to chop off in a film. Another crucial part of a film’s success is the cinematographer. Before even starting ‘Mirchi’, we decided to bring in one of the best cinematographers in India – R. Madhi. I saw his work in ‘Shaitan’ and was bowled over by his work.
Q. You seem to have a good track record with DSP…
A. Devi Sri Prasad is an integral part of this film’s success. As you said, he has composed a number of chart-busting songs for me over the past few years. In ‘Mirchi’, ‘Pandagala’ and ‘Kaatuka Kallu’ are my favourite numbers followed by ‘Darlingey’.
Q. You will be seen together with Rana Daggubati in ‘Baahubali’ . Is he going to be your opponent in the film?
A. (grins) I can’t reveal anything about it yet. All I can say is that fans will have some terrific scenes to look forward to. Rana is a good friend and we are training together for the sword fights and the horse riding sequences.
Q. Rajamouli is in terrific form. You have just scored a blockbuster. Expectations are bound to be huge over ‘Baahubali’…
A. Yes. But Rajamouli is a master director who knows his stuff. He is very passionate about his work and I trust him completely. In fact, my priority in life right now is to make him feel as comfortable as possible (smiles) . I will not disturb him in any way and I will not work in any other film until ‘Baahubali’ is complete.
Q. Is Anushka your favourite co – star? 
A. (Laughs) Yes. I feel very comfortable working with her. She is a great person to be with and she makes everyone on the set feel at ease.
Q. Your fan base is increasing tremendously and so is your Box Office Stamina . Are you a part of the No.1 race now?
A. Define No. 1 first. According to me, a No. 1 is someone who stays at the top and rules the industry for 10 – 20 years irrespective of hits or flops. If I or for that matter some other hero gets two or three hits continuously, it can’t be called a number one position. I don’t see myself there now (Smiles)
Q. When will you marry? Most of your friends and co-stars have already settled down..
A. “Vallu edho cheskunnarani nenu cheskunte bagodhu ga” (Smiles). I will marry when I feel like it. It won’t be this year. Maybe next year.
Q. Will the ‘rain fight’ in Mirchi be added now?
A. I don’t want to be the person talking about it. Director Koratala Siva will reveal more detailsabout it at the right time.
Q. Any regrets about your career so far?
A. (Thinks)… Well, I am happy with how things have turned out. But I wish I had paid more attention to some of the scripts I selected. I won’t elaborate but I guess you can understand (smiles)
Q. Will you ever come on to Twitter? A lot of fans have asked me to put this question to you.
A. Well, maybe next year. Maybe after ‘Baahubali’. I don’t know. I haven’t thought too much about it.
Q. Do flops affect you or have you learned to deal with them as occupational hazards?
A. No, flops affect me and I take them very seriously. I care about my producers and the people around me. I try to see what went wrong and I try to avoid those mistakes for my future projects.
Q. Congratulations for the success of Mirchi and good luck for ‘Baahubali’.
A. Thank you very much (Smiles)
So there you have it folks. We heard a lot about Prabhas’s humble nature and his friendly attitude. We came away totally impressed after witnessing both the attributes. We hope you enjoyed reading our conversation with Prabhas.
Interviewed by Mahesh S Koneru


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Mirchi New Promo in HD


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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Prabhas Interview on Mirchi Success


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Friday, February 15, 2013

Dude and Darlings - Mirchi Team Interview


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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mirchi Success Meet (11/02/2013)

The success meet of Prabhas's latest film, 'Mirchi' has been held at Taj Deccan in Hyderabad. It has been attended by Prabhas, Anushka, Richa, Koratala Siva, V.Vamsi Krishna Reddy, U.Pramod, Dil Raju, Art director A.S.Prakash, Rama Jogaiah Sastry etc.

Dil Raju says," I have been very happy with the success as the Nizam distributor of this film. Prabhas has given a one man show in this film. Koratala Siva has worked in our banner for Bhadhra, Brundhavanam and another film. He had written a very good story with two heroines. Vamsi had entered as a distributor with our film 'Aarya'. Now I am very happy that he has grown to a position that we are distributing his films". 

Anushka says, "I have been very grateful to Koratala Siva, for giving Vennela character to me. I am very happy to work with Prabhas again. The songs by Ram Jogaiah Sastry, camera by Madhi and sets by A.S.Prakash have been outstanding. Tears welled in my eyes for 'Pandagala dhigivacchave' song". 

The producers said that Koratala Siva has made the movie opulently and thanked all for making the movie a huge hit. Richa said that she has been very happy working with Prabhas and Anushka and that Madhi has shown them very beautifully. 

Koratala Siva said that he has been grateful to the producers and Prabhas for trusting him, even if it is his first film and requested audience to not encourage Piracy.

Prabhas says," I have known Pramod and Vamsi from childhood. But I don't know that they have such determination. They have not compromised any bit for the film. Koratala Siva can write, integrating class, mass and family elements. He has dealt the sensitive elements, like the hero feeling jealous at the heroine talking to anyone else, very beautifully. Anushkha is a real gold. She understands everyone in the sets. Richa's character attracts everyone. Rama Jogaiah Sastry has also given be very good songs like 'Amma ledhu Naanna ledu' previously. He has been outstanding.I thank Devi Sri Prasad, dance masters, the art director for their excellent work. Satyaraj's character is being received well. I thank all for making this movie a big hit". 

Rama Jogaiah Sastry and Art director A.S.Prakash also expressed their joy at working for the film.




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Saturday, February 09, 2013

Mirchi First Day Worldwide Shares

Young Rebel Star Prabhas' 'mirchi' collected a share of Rs.7.67 crores world wide at the end of its first day run. Checkout the area wise break up of shares.

--------                 -----------------------------------
NIZAM                                2.30
CEDED                                1.30
NELLORE                             0.30
KRISHNA                             0.37
GUNTUR                             0.78
VIZAG                                0.54
EAST GODAVARI                 0.64
WEST GODAVARI                0.54


KARNATAKA                         0.25
REST OF INDIA                     0.15


OVERSEAS                         0.50



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Prabhas at Vishwaroopam 'Thank You' Pressmeet (8/2/2013)

Siri Media who distributed Vishwaroopam in Telugu has organized a press meet today at Taj Banjara. It was attended by Kamal Hassan, Dasari, D Rama Naidu, K Raghavendra Rao, K Vishwanath, Nagarjuna, Prabhas, Trivikram and SS Rajamouli attended it.

Too small to talk about Kamal Hassan - Prabhas
Prabhas said, “Sitting in the same dais of Kamal Hassan is a great honor to me. I am too small to talk about Kamal Hassan and I grew up watching his films. I think Kamal Hassan will inspire the next 10 generations.”

Kamal Hassan has to unlearn – K Viswanadh
K Viswanadh said, “Kamal Hassan has a few defects. He is too knowledgeable. You have to unlearn in order to survive in film industry. I am an actor because of Kamal. He insisted that I should act. Acting has become like a paid holiday to me.”

SS Rajamouli said, “I have seen the video of Kamal Hassan and felt really bad. He had tears in eyes not because he might lose his house, but he might be staying away from the mother land of Tamilnadu. The people from all over India came forward and supported Kamal Hassan.”

I am an actor and director, but not a rioter – Kamal Hassan
Kamal Hassan said, “I started my career as a dance assistant 35 years back in Saradhi studios, Hyderabad for Srimanthudu film. My first remuneration was Rs 250/-. I thought that I would be doing great if I had five such assignments a week . Then I was offered a small role in Bala Chandar’s Inti Dongalu and my remuneration was Rs 500/-. Latest I was paid Rs 2500/- for the Tamil original of Anthuleni Katha. I was paid 40,000 for Maro Charitra. I gave that 40,000 as an advance for camera as I wanted to become a technician. I thought that acting was not my cup of tea. But things were not the same after the release of Maro Charitra. After Maro Charitra release, everybody thought that my birth place was Vizag. Gowtami too asked me if I were from Vizag. LV Prasad gave me 2 lacs for Ek Duje Keliye. I have had tough times financially from early days. I had a debt of 12 lacs during Amavasya Chandrudu. Due to Ek Duje Keliye success, I could able to pay off debts by taking advances. Industry has kept me financially alive throughout my career. I don’t have any anger for what had happened for vishwaroopam, but I am deeply saddened by it. Artist should not be insulted. I am an actor and director, but not a rioter. I still feel like an assistant director. I am willing to learn from all directors including Rajamouli. Media gave immense strength during Vishwaroopam release. Subhas Chandrabose fought for India by staying away from India. I might have to do it if such things happen again.”



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