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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mr.Perfect completes 100 Days

Darling's Mr.Perfect released on 22nd April 2011 completes 100 Days today (30/7/2011). Congrats Prabhas, Kajal, Dil Raju, Dasarath & team. Coming a full year after 'Darling' was released, the movie has many achievements to it's credit.

Mr.Perfect is the biggest hit in Prabhas career.

Mr.Perfect movie is the biggest of 2011 so far. Made on a budget of 16 crores and the movie has collected around 35 crores including theatrical and other rights.

Mr.Perfect entered the list of 'All Time Top 10 Tollywood Films.

Mr.Perfect 100 Days Trailer

Mr.Perfect 100 Days Widescreen Wallpaper (1440x900)

Click on image for a larger view

Mr.Perfect 100 Days Centres

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Prabhas all set to Rock in Rebel

Design by Manoj

Actor Prabhas is doing a lots of homework for upcoming film, Rebel. The actor is confident that Rebel is a kind of film which will work wonders for him, sources say. The handsome hunk is pairing up with Anushka Shetty. Deeksha Seth is another girl who will be seen playing the second heroine.

After Kanchana, Lawrence Raghava is directing Rebel with renewed vigour. It may be said that after so many offbeat films in all these years, Lawrence will be seen doing a really big-ticket commercial entertainer with a top class actor like Prabhas in the lead. The film's subject is rumouredly very hatke in nature too. Krishnam Raju will be seen in a significant character role in the film. Though some versions of the film's story did the rounds recently, it is said that they are concocted and have got nothing to do with Rebel.


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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Shooting Spot - Pournami at Hampi

Pournami(2006) has been filmed at some splendid sets seen in Telugu cinema. Not just that, a couple of songs and probably a few scenes have been filmed at a more spectacular locale - 'Hampi' a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in Karnataka, India.

Hampi is about 350 kms from Bangalore. Hampi was once the capital of Vijayanagara Empire which ruled southern India from 14th to 16th century. Then the village was a magnificent site with great monuments and temples. Today all you can see are the remains of the great structures. It is believed that there were above 500 such massive structures. “Vijanagara” literally means “the city of Victory”. It was rich and famous in 14th century and is believed that diamonds were sold on streets of Hampi. Know more about Hampi from the references cited at the bottom of the post.

Two Songs - the first 1.5 mins of Muvvala Navvakala song and almost the whole of Bhavyamaina Athmaraagam song have been shot at Hampi. Let's first see Muvvakala Song

The Lotus Mahal, Hampi

The Pushkarni (step Tank) at Hampi

The Elephant Stables, Hampi

All the above scenes were filmed at the location popularly known as Zanana Enclosure or Queens enclosure at Hampi. The Lotus Mahal was the queens summer house and is said to be cooled by waterpipes along the ceiling and the numerous windows.

High Quality Images of Hampi (click on images for a larger view)

The Lotus Mahal, Hampi

The Pushkarni (step Tank) at Hampi

The Elephant Stables, Hampi

We will now see some of the locations of Bhavyamaina Song filed at Hampi

The Mahanavami Dibba at Hampi

at the Hampi Bazaar

Lotus Mahal & watch tower at Zanana Enclosure, Hampi

The 'Mahanavami Dibba' is a grand stage from where the royal family viewed the Dusshera celebrations and gave an audience to the public. This is a huge monolithic structure, with intricate carvings on its walls, and a panaromic view of the royal quarters.

The Mahanavami Dibba at Hampi

It is said that gold and diamonds were sold in the Hampi Bazaar (the long corridors of stone pillars)

The Hampi Bazar (notice the corridors on the left)

The watch Tower at Zanana Enclosure, Hampi.

Hampi is huge, spread over 25 kms. Hence i was able to locate only a few prominent places.

REFERENCES: (for more interesting read on Hampi) (check out all three pages)

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Mr.Perfect is the Biggest Hit of the Year

Prabhas' starer Mr Perfect movie has become the biggest of 2011 so far. Mr Perfect was made on a budget of 16 crores and the movie has collected around 35 crores including theatrical and other rights. The movie starring Prabhas, Kajal Agarwal and Taapsee was directed by Dasharath and produced by Dil Raju under Sri Venkateswara Creations. Devi Sri Prasad has scored the music.

Mr Perfect movie trade business was at its best during the summer as 1 day collections of the movie engrossed 3.28 crores in AP while Mr Perfect 1 week collections were amounted to 12.06 crores. Even in the US, the movie was widely appreciated and collected a very good amount. There were also some big movies released alongside Mr Perfect like Pawan Kalyan's Teenmaar, Ravi Teja Veera, Naga Chaitanya's 100% Love, Shakti, Badrinath, etc but could not created the same impact as Mr Perfect. We are already half way through and looking behind of what happened so far in terms of Telugu cinema releases and collections in 2011, Prabhas' Mr Perfect is the biggest hit for 2011.


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Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Day I Met Prabhas!

Well, first i have to say that this post is late by two years since it happened way back in 2009. My blog posts at that time were selective and i didn't wan't to post anything personal on my blog though i had written about it in detail in the Orkut 'Prabhas' community at that time. I have now relaxed a lot about what i post here, so i thought may be, atleast now i can post about my meet with Prabhas.

I met Prabhas in Hyderabad, at Annapurna Studios on 17th May 2009 (that was a Sunday)during Ek Niranjan shooting. I had gone with my family (my wife and son Ajay. Ajay is now eight years old and i also have a daughter now, named Angela who is just an year old.). The shoot of 'Mahammari Mahammari' song was going on. Prabhas said he was surprised to see someone coming from Chennai & he surprised me by talking in Tamil. I spent about half an hour with Prabhas. More details about this meet after the photos.

Ajay with Prabhas

A couple of more photos of Prabhas

Autographed Raghavendra VCD from Prabhas

Prabhas clicked by Ajay

If interested you can read about what made Prabhas to laugh like this.

While we coming out to take photos, my wife told Prabhas that Ajay is very much attached to me. I then narrated an incident about Ajay to Prabhas. We had gone to Ajay's school for a function. It was evening and soon as darkness fell, the place was lit with flood lights. I hadn't noticed the shadow of the woman in the front falling on me. After a while Ajay told, Dad, there's some hair on your shirt. I noticed it just then and told Ajay it was just the shadow of the lady's hair in the front. Know what he told me immediately? 'Dad! you come and sit here (in his seat). I don't want even someone's shadow to fall on you!' Prabhas laughed loudly when i told him this (and Ajay had clicked this photo at that time).

This is what i've posted in the Orkut Prabhas Community on 19/05/2009 after returning to Chennai.

17th May 2009 is an important day in my life. I got to meet our darling Prabhas. I was trying to get an appointment to meet Prabhas for abt a month & finally got confirmed that Prabhas will be in Hyderabad during the third week of May. I had come to Hyderabad on 16th. On Sunday, 17th i was asked to come to Annapurna Studios and was told that Prabhas will be coming by 11.30AM for the shooting.

I had gone there with my wife & son and was received by Prabhas's uncle and were taken inside to the shooting spot. A song sequence was being shot. A large elevated set was erected inside the hall. Large white backlit squares filled three sides of the set (somewhat similar to keyboard buttons) and on each square was a red lit letter in chinese. Some angrezi girls in shiny blue costumes were seen practising some steps in the far end. The girl in black tops and shorts, i was told was Kangana, though i couldn't see her clearly.

I then found Prabhas on the front end of the set among some guys wearing a white v necked sleeveless tee. He wore a black shirt on it and then came down and....... i met darling LIVE! We shook hands and in my excitement i didn't even formally introduce my family.

We had some small chat. Darling is a real handsome guy, very fair and had slimmed up. and know what? Darling surprised me by talking in Tamil. He said he had studied in Don Bosco School, Chennai and was here for abt four years. I then showed Prabhas all my sketches of him. I even took a printout of some of his wallpapers done by me. darling was very much impressed and really was very happy to find such a fan from Chennai! I then showed my Calendar and he saw it fully and commented 'chance'y illai' in Tamil ( a term we use to say marvellous/unbeatable etc).

If you remember there was a thread 'what would you do do to impress Prabhas?' and i had said i would frame a sketch of him done by me & present to him. I did exactly the same. I had the chatrapathi Prabhas sketch(the one where he has his hand on his chin) framed and gave it to Prabhas along with all the other sketches, calendar & prints. My wife told Prabhas to keep the picture in his office for which Darling said 'I'll have it in my bedroom'.

darling told me it's an amazing day for him. He also told ' you don't know how much inspiration you have given me today. I'll do my dance in full josh today'. Needless to say i was really very happy to hear all this from darling.

We then talked abt his movies. I asked Prabhas to do a bilingual for which he told Karunakaran's movie will be a bilingual and asked me how his Tamil dialogues in Bujjigadu were. We told it was really superb & had enjoyed all the tamil dialogues. I'll then do the dubbing myself, darling told.

I then asked abt the tatoo. Prabhas told it was a temporary tatoo which he had seen somewhere. I could see only traces of the tatoo. He then asked how i knew abt it? Then i told abt our community and that every news abt him gets posted here.

I told Prabhas that i couldn't get the DVds of Eeshwar & raghavendra in chennai. Darling immdtly put one of his assistants on the job to get me the movies. I also asked Prabhas to give them alongwith his autograph. darling also promised to get in touch with me when he comes to Chennai. My wife told we will definitely come and meet you for which darling replied ' I will come and meet you'. That's one of the most pleasant things i have heard in my life.

We then took some photos. Inside the hall it was quite dark since the lights were were being put on and off. Darling told we'll take the snaps outside. i also told darling abt the response to Billa at Chennai & also showed him the banners which i had clicked. It was time for his shoot and we bid farewell to darling. I was with darling for a little more than half an hour.

And darling as promised sent me a Cd of Raghavendra autographed 'Love, Prabhas' alongwith another autograph on a plain sheet. It was delivered by a unit guy at the hotel where i was staying. I will post these two autographs tomorrow.

I sent a note thanking Prabhas for all his time and for his being such a down to earth and friendly person.

I am still cherishing those moments spent with our darling and will be so till ......the day i hope to meet him again.

I also forgot to mention a couple of things. Prabhas told that he's doing one film with karunakaran(a bilingual), one for Dil Raju and one with S.S.RAJAMOULI! That was a really great news. It seems S.S.R is doing a film with Sunil after which Prabhas's movie will start.
I also told Prabhas abt his movies, esp how i liked him in Chatrapathi. I also told that i have never admired anyone this much till now. Well that's it.

One more thing which i really liked was, he was such a simple & sweet guy. No airs inspite being such a big star & not once did he made me feel uncomfortable. It was like talking with a friend. Smiling beautifully, i also had a chance to hear his hearty laugh more than once.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mr.Perfect 90 Days Centres

Mr.Perfect completes 90 days today in 10 centres.


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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Prabhas at Rebel Shooting

Prabhas is currently shooting for the film ‘Rebel’ in the surroundings of Hyderabad Alluminum Factory. This film is being directed by Raghava Lawrence casting Anushka and Deeksha Seth as leading ladies opposite Prabhas. J Bhagawan and J Pullarao are jointly producing the film under Sri Balaji Cine Media banner.

In a press meet held at the shooting location, Prabhas, who also saw the film ‘Kanchana’ opined, “Kanchana is the first of its kind film in Indian cinema. This is a good mass entertainer. The director portrayed a segment which is being neglected by the society. He crafted the film with a new screenplay that gave us a new feel. This movie has to be watched by everyone. The first half of the film is a nonstop comedy and the director gave a shock just before the interval. From then onwards the second half is full of horror and thrill. More than 10 scenes were superbly picturised. Lawarence master’s dance performance for a song in the 2nd half of the film is extraordinary. I couldn’t believe that the character in the lady get-up was Lawrence. It appears that no one has so far did a film based on this point because I’ve seen one such film for the first time. This movie has come out with a new feel and new screenplay. I have formed a high opinion on the Lawrence master after watching this film. Yet another high light is Sarath Kumar’s role. I request everyone to watch the film in theaters and enjoy it.”



Prabhas Rebel Shoot 01_t Prabhas Rebel Shoot 02_t Prabhas Rebel Shoot 03_t
Prabhas Rebel Shoot 04_t Prabhas Rebel Shoot 05_t Prabhas Rebel Shoot 06_t
Prabhas Rebel Shoot 07_t Prabhas Rebel Shoot 08_t Prabhas Rebel Shoot 09_t
Prabhas Rebel Shoot 10_t Prabhas Rebel Shoot 11_t Prabhas Rebel Shoot 12_t
Prabhas Rebel Shoot 13_t Prabhas Rebel Shoot 14_t Prabhas Rebel Shoot 15_t
Prabhas Rebel Shoot 16_t Prabhas Rebel Shoot 17_t Prabhas Rebel Shoot 18_t
Prabhas Rebel Shoot 19_t Prabhas Rebel Shoot 20_t Prabhas Rebel Shoot 21_t
Prabhas Rebel Shoot 22_t Prabhas Rebel Shoot 23_t Prabhas Rebel Shoot 24_t
Prabhas Rebel Shoot 25_t Prabhas Rebel Shoot 26_t Prabhas Rebel Shoot 27_t
Prabhas Rebel Shoot 28_t Prabhas Rebel Shoot 29_t Prabhas Rebel Shoot 30_t
Prabhas Rebel Shoot 31_t Prabhas Rebel Shoot 32_t Prabhas Rebel Shoot 33_t
Prabhas Rebel Shoot 34_t Prabhas Rebel Shoot 35_t Prabhas Rebel Shoot 36_t
Prabhas Rebel Shoot 37_t Prabhas Rebel Shoot 38_t Prabhas Rebel Shoot 39_t
Prabhas Rebel Shoot 40_t Prabhas Rebel Shoot 41_t Prabhas Rebel Shoot 42_t
Prabhas Rebel Shoot 43_t Prabhas Rebel Shoot 44_t Prabhas Rebel Shoot 45_t
Prabhas Rebel Shoot 46_t Prabhas Rebel Shoot 47_t Prabhas Rebel Shoot 48_t

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