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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Billa, Ranga and the Fantastic Cars

If anything caught my attention in Prabhas's Billa other than Prabhas, his designer costumes, his action packed performance etc.,( and of course a great looking Anushka), it's all those Ferraris, Jaguars, BMWs and Benzs in the movie. I'm sure no other Telugu movie so far has used this many fantastic cars, mighty, magnificient, mean machines as stunning as the man behind those wheels. Well, here are some cars used by Prabhas in the movie.

(Some of you may think i'm downright crazy, but how else can i kep my blog unique and to give you info which you can't get elsewhere? Ofcourse these things interest me and since they're connected with Prabhas, i take that extra time to find out more)

These screen shots are from the Billa title song. You can also see this Mercedes Benz in a few other scenes in the movie as Prabhas's car in the film. It's a Mercedes Benz S500 4Matic, probably a 2005 model.You can find out more about the Benz S500 4Matic HERE.

High quality pics of Mercedes Benz S500 4Matic

This is the scene where Billa(Prabhas) kidnaps Hansika Motwani at gun point and rides away in a BMW. This one's a BMW Z4 Roadster (I'll not give much description about the cars).

You can find out more about the BMW Roadster HERE.

High quality pics of BMW Z4 Roadster

This one's the most stunning of all. A Jaguar S Type. You can find it in the scene before the confrontation scene between Prabhas and Anushka

Find out more about the Jaguar S Type HERE.

High quality pics of JAGUAR S TYPE

I was thinking that this was a ferrari but couldn't find it out. Thanks to the 'anonymous' soul who has informed that this car is actually a Mitsubishi GTO. The Mitsubishi GTO is a sports car built by Japanese automaker Mitsubishi Motors between 1990 and 2001. It was also known as the Japanese Ferrari.

High quality pics of Mitsubishi GTO

Here comes the interesting part. This black car is a Skoda Superb and it 'was' Prabhas own car which was used in the movie. Yeah.. Prabhas has got himself a new BMW X5 now.

This is the new BMW X5 of Prabhas - His very own car.

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