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Friday, April 22, 2011

Mr.Perfect Movie Review

The movie is based on a one line theme - There's nothing wrong in making a few compromises and adjustments if it's going to make people around you happy!

Vicky (Prabhas) is a young computer engineer in Australia who believes in doing what he feels right. No compromises on his ideals. (How much i wanted to see Prabhas in a role like this - well educated, career oriented and with responsibilities). Vicky (Prabhas) & Priya (Kajal) initially disalike each other but eventually start liking each other and Kajal falls head over heels in love in Prabhas. She even gives up a few of her personal likings and commitments for the sake of Vicky which doesn't go well with Vicky who feels that these compromises are unnecessary and decides that Priya is not the correct match for him. He goes back to Australia leaving a heartbroken Priya.

Back in Australia Vicky meets a like minded Maggie (Taapsee) who shares similar similar interests, taste and attutude to life! Vicky feels Maggie is the right match for him . Did he find the right girl in Maggie? Did he to stick to his attitude on life and career? Watch it in Theatres!

Well, it's refreshing to watch Prabhas in a role like this. He's shedding his mass action hero image and moving over to do more refreshing roles to suit a wide range of audience and it works! Mr.Perfect will definitely be a consecutive hit for Prabhas after Darling.

The movie is based on a simple concept but one that everyone can connect to.
There are three action scenes in the film, all very well executed. I particularly liked the last action scene in Australia when Prabhas is shown running away from goons sent by Prakashraj only to fight it out in front of Prakashraj.

A good star cast! Prabhas and Kajal make a good onscreen couple and their chemistry works out well. Kajal looks pretty and it doesn't bore you to see this pair once again. Taapsee palys a role that suits her image.

Songs are good and well picturised. My favourites - Rao Gaari Abbai, Aakasam Badhalaina and Lite Teesuko in that order. I felt that Chali Chaliga song could have been picturised better.

Brahmanandam comedy in first half was very good. It was a laugh riot in the theatre. What i particularly liked and relieved about the comedy scenes was that though the scenes have a lot of comedian bashing, neither Brahmanandam or Ravi Babu is shown getting slapped or beaten up directly. That was quite decent.

There's been talk that the movie goes on predictable lines. Aren't remakes of other language movies more predictable? or for that matter Hollywood movies based on books? Why do people go to watch such movies? When the star cast has two heroines - Kajal & Taapsee, everyone knew that who will finally get Prabhas! The concept is good. The execution is also quite good and what finally matters is whether you had the satisfaction of watching a good movie when you leave the theatre. I had it and i hope most of you who have watched the movie felt the same.

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  1. I totally agree with your review. Of course movie would have been big hit if director executed few scenes in second half better, but overall we are happy with this movie. Prabhas dialogue delivery improved a lot in recent movies. One area he needs to concentrate now is dance, hope he can do that with Lawrence movie.

  2. Hi reading your review i am desperate to watch the movie planning on sunday........i hope i get to see a good movie from prabhas

  3. completely agree with u... unlike the reviews, i didn't find the movie boring.. n its def better than watching the recent releases of action movies with no storyline whatsoever, and with 2 heroines who appear just for songs.. kajal n tapsee did a fab job, and they actually had a justified role that wasn't reserved just for songs... prabhas was completely refreshing, loved his modern look...

    of cos the movie isnt perfect, some scenes esp in the 2nd half were not needed and most of the scenes needed more convincing, it's like 90% good, just needed that extra 10% n it would be perfect...

  4. Good Movie. More telugu movie news availble at

  5. I really like this movie... I have learned a new things in this movie...

  6. Mr.Perfect is good, 100% love also good, in 100% love Mentally disturbed NRI character by Subramanyam is excellent. He loves BENZ cars rather than "human relations". May be that is the life in America . Be-carefull if anybody travelling/living in USA


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