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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Is 'Rebel' getting delayed?

Seems like we have to wait for as long as we waited for Mr.Perfect to hit the screens. This news from Andhraboxoffice wasn't a total shocker, considering that the producers haven't kept their promise of releasing Rebel's new look on October 23rd as promised and no offcial news on the movie's progress coming in. Well, here's the news from Andhraboxoffice.

Prabhas’s Rebel, whose final 70day long schedule was to start on November 5 hasn’t gone to floors even after November 15. The Project is in a total mess after differences erupted between the Producers, Director & Hero after replacing Anushka with Tamanna. The film, sources say will not have any schedules this year unless some one come forward to takeover the project.

The producers are already in discussions with Bellamkonda Suresh for a takeover proposal but he is too busy with Bodyguard and is going to wait and watch till Sankranthi gets over. On the other side Prabhas and Tamanna are procceding with their other commitments. Prabhas will start shooting for ‘Vaaradhi’ from December.

It looks like Rebel is going to delayed by 2-3 months and will not release even for Summer 2012!.

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