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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Lawrence speaks about Rebel

Here is Raghava Lawrence throwing some light on the character of Prabhas in his film. Rebel, which is currently being shot in Hyderabad, has the hero's character moulded in such a way that it impresses upon the mass audience from the word go. The director said that the character is very much a non-conformist.

"He goes against the tide. The hero believes that only struggle can yield results. What is his aim? How does he make his destination possible? We have written Prabhas' characterization in such a way that it would be liked by the mass audience."

Not that only the hero occupies the center stage and the role of the heroines (Tamanna and Deeksha Seth) is marginal. The girls too have immense scope for performance because they are an integral part of the story. The film has much hype around it for the reason that Lawrence's films have always been known for coming with thematic variety (read Mass, Style, Muni, Kanchana).

Produced by J Bhagawan and J Pulla Rao, the film has music by SS Thaman. Cinematography is by C Ram Prasad. 'Darling' Swamy is the dialogue writer. Editing is by Marthand K Venkatesh.


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