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Friday, July 13, 2012

Rajamouli Confirms next movie with Prabhas

If there is one hero that is making others to go jealous of him in Tollywood is... Any guesses? Yeah it is Prabhas and the reason is... Rajamouli. When the maverick director made Magadheera, every hero was awestruck and hoped that Rajamouli would do such a miraculous movie with them. But Rajamouli said he was exhausted after Magadheera and made a comedy Maryada Ramanna with Sunil. 

Rajamouli made a commitment with Prabhas and that film was supposed to launch after Maryada Ramanna. With Prabhas being stuck with his prior commitments Rajamouli tried to make a little experiment called Eega and that turned gigantic in the process. After watching Eega, one couldn't wait to work with the brilliant director Rajamouli, but he says that he has to do a film with Prabhas immediately. 

Rajamouli is not making any further commitments with any hero as of now. He will make his next film with Prabhas and the next project after that is up to Rajamouli. So other than Prabhas no other hero knows when they would get a call from him. Meanwhile Prabhas stakes are going up like never before and the signs are already seen as his movies are doing sensational business all over. The buzz of Rajamouli's film with Prabhas would be beyond expectations for sure. 


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  1. we are eagerly waiting for this film ..... we hope prabhas 1 hero

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