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Thursday, June 13, 2013

After Lawrence now Krishnam Raju wants to play with Prabhas Career!

Well, i just hope this news remains just on paper and does not materialise. Prabhas did a mistake by agreeing to Raghave Lawrence's Rebel, the movie which took nearly a year and half to complete did nothing to his career except wasting his time. Now it seems Krishnam Raju wants to direct Prabhas!!! Here's the latest news which Mr.Sr. Rebel Star himself seems to have told the media.

Mr.Krishnam Raju will team up with Young Rebel Star Prabhas for a new project. They have worked together in the past, but it will be a very different association this time. Krishnam Raju garu will be directing Prabhas. The veteran actor confirmed this news while speaking to the media in Vijayawada. “I will direct Prabhas. This movie will be launched in August.” , he said. 

Mr. Krishnam Raju also made a statement about Prabhas’s wedding. “Prabhas will tie the knot next year. The wedding will take place for sure in 2014.”. He did not provide any further details about the bride. This news is definitely surprising, considering Prabhas’s involvement in S.S. Rajamouli’s ‘Baahubali’. Let us see how things proceed.


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