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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

'Troy' actor for ‘Bahubali’?

After a long wait and expectation the shooting of ‘Bahubali’ has finally begun at Kurnool and the lead cast of Prabhas and Daggubati Rana are taking part in it. Director S S Rajamouli is reportedly very busy trying to make this film as big and grand as possible. It is also heard that he is aiming for attracting international audience. 

As part of that, there are reports that the Australian actor Nathan Jones who did an important role in the Hollywood film ‘Troy’ has been taken. Being a foreigner, it is a mystery as to what role he is playing but if this gossip is true then it is going to be a highlight. Already, Nathan is not new to Indian cinema. 

He is currently in Chennai shooting for a Tamil film titled ‘Boologam’ wherein he will play the role of a wrestler. Maybe Rajamouli might devise a special fight sequence between Prabhas and Nathan which can be a highlight. As of now, it is just a talk happening so we have to see if any confirmation comes in this matter.

Updated 13/7/13.
Seems that this news is false. Rajamouli has tweeted 

"No Hollywood actors are signed for Baahubali. False news again."


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