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Friday, January 17, 2014

Ridiculous rumours about Darling

Jealous rumour mongers are at it again! Unable to bear that our Darling is doing the costliest movie ever in TFI with No.1 director, Rajamouli, some persons are spreading rumours about Darling's health. Let their stomachs burn with jealousy, but darling is just as Perfect as ever. 

A few weeks ago, some rumours started circulating about Prabhas’s injury and the production unit of ‘Baahubali’ termed them as baseless. Now, something similar is happening again. Some mischievous folks started spreading rumours about Prabhas’s health once again and claimed that the actor was in a coma after falling down from a horse. None of this is true. We have checked with the production unit and Prabhas is perfectly fine. The macho actor is participating in the shoot quite enthusiastically. Sources close to Prabhas say that the actor is quite amused by all these rumours. 

Despite having some tough action sequences in the film, the actors are in no danger as the production unit of ‘Baahubali’ is taking special care regarding the safety and security of all the actors.

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