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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Muscling his way to Cine Glory

The secret behind Prabhas' look in Baahubali :

20 kilos! That's how much weight actor Prabhas has gained to look the part for his role in Baahubali. Never before did a Tollywood star undergo as dramatic a physical transformation as Prabhas has undergone. The strapping actor who used to weigh 82kg earlier trained rigorously for six months to get into the desired shape for the movie. It all began last summer when Prabhas visited the US where he interacted with the wrestlers of WWF to get a hang of their training regimen. "He spent time observing the wrestlers, their work-out sessions and imbibing their mindset and body language to build bodies like them," shares a source close to the actor. 

Apparently, Prabhas was so impressed with the infrastructure there that he got the equipment costing `1.5 crore shipped to his home, where he's built a personal gym. "I don't think any actor in India has the kind of state-of- art equipment that he has," adds the source. 

However, unlike Mahesh Babu and Hrithik Roshan, Prabhas did not hire a foreign trainer and chose a local one instead. He works out for approximately six hours daily with various fitness techniques focusing on different muscles of the body. Prabhas has been on a very strict on diet regimen. His breakfast includes 40 egg whites (half boiled) blended and added with protein powder everyday. 

Clearly, the actor seems to have pulled out all the stops to prepare for the role. His lunch and dinner are another story. "I've seen a few actors working out hard, but I haven't seen anyone hitting the gym with a vengeance, like Prabhas. You'll be thrilled to see his 'monster look'. Prabhas is very determined to build a Hulk-like body and the best part of his work out is that he's enjoying it. He's not working out to prove a point, but is relishing the exercise, which is the significant part," said a source close to Prabhas.

Source : TimesofIndia, 22nd Feb 2014.


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