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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

PrabhasmyHero Blog enters 7th Year.

My dear friends and fans of Prabhas! PrabhasmyHero Blog now enters it's 7th Year. Like every year, this year too i am feeling very happy and contended to be continuing to do what i have been doing all these six long years. But when it's for Prabhas, i have always felt it's worth all the time and effort. 

The Blog had a humble beginning this day in 2008 when i posted just a few wallpapers of Prabhas. At that time all i had in mind was that more people, like me and from all over the world should know more about Prabhas. And today seeing the growth of Prabhas both in his career and fan following within the country and beyond, i feel happy and proud that this Blog might have made atleast a minuscle contribution as a major source of information regarding Prabhas.

I have been constantly updating the posts (atleast the main ones) so that the blog posts never go dead. So what have i done for this Anniversary Day of my Blog? I have put up fresh links of all movie MP3s, fresh links for Movie downloads, and have updated most of the Online Movie links and i will continue updating the information.

I would like to thankyou all of you, my 'Darling's Fans' for having been a continuous source of encouragement and for all the love and respect you have showed me. It's been very endearing to see so many of you lovingly call me 'Anna'. I also seek your support for my Facebook Pages and Youtube Channel, the other two sites through which i continue to bring Prabhas closer to you.


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