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Monday, February 08, 2016

Revealed: Prabhas' Diet & Fitness Regime For Baahubali

With his 130 kg gigantic physique for Sivudu's character in the most successful Indian war movie ever, Baahubali, Prabhas lured are the ladies and even changes his male counterparts across the country. Prabhas again trained quite hard for a couple of months before he began shooting for Baahubali 2. 

For his role of Amarendra Baahubali in Baahubali 2, Prabhas had put on 17 kilos extra. To those who are curious to know how Prabhas is building and maintaining that well toned physique, here's his fitness regime and the diet chart for Baahubali 2. 

Fitness Regime: 
Prabhas has split his workout sessions as morning and evening sessions and for one and a half hours each time. After a basic warmup session, Prabhas workouts at his home gym which features equipment imported from America. 

Prabhas then does cardiovascular exercises for 15 mins, yoga for 15 mins and dumbles and stretching, etc. Crossfit and plyometrics are part of Prabhas' daily cardio training. 

Diet Chart: 
A strong nutritional support and healthy home-made food is the main mantra for Prabhas, who apparently believes that one gets the right abs in the kitchen. Prabhas' nutrition plan is based on his body weight, condition and lifestyle. 

Prabhas follows a balanced diet of vegetarian and non-veg food, ensuring Proteins and carbs are always in the diet plan. His everyday breakfast includes 42 egg whites, 250 grams chicken and fresh fruits. 

7 small meals comprising of brown rice, oat meal and veg salads along with fibrous carbs like broccoli, spinach, pasta with some garnishing serve his lunch. 1 and a half scoops of readymade protein powder after workout during morning and evening along with soup or milk before going to bed.

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