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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Sword of Baahubali VR Teaser Special Screening at Prasad's

The VR (Virtual Reality) teaser of The Sword of Baahubali will be screened at Prasads Multiplexes in Hyderabad for two days.

The VR (Virtual Reality) teaser of The Sword of Baahubali, which has elicited good response in festival circuits, will be released in Prasads Multiplexes in Hyderabad for two days. 

A post on the Twitter handle of Baahubali VR ‏reads: "Hyderabadis, the wait is finally over! Experience the #VR teaser of 'The Sword of Baahubali' @PrasadsMultiplx from the 11th - 13th of Jan!" Another post adds: "There is no need to buy tickets. You can come and experience the #VR teaser for free.

Later, talking to International Business Times India, Mahesh S Koneru, the publicist for Baahubali, said the Sword of Baahubali is a VR special film, based on the characters of Baahubali, but with a different story line. 

The movie will be released after Baahubali: The Conclusion hits the screens. "It's going to be screened at Prasad's multiplex in Hyderabad. It's a small video that shows the Virtual Reality effects of the Sword of Baahubali, which is an exclusive and special VR film that is being made in association with AMD. 

This VR special film will be based on Baahubali characters but will have a separate storyline. It will be released shortly after the release of the main film," Mahesh told IBTimes India. 

"Till now the VR teaser has evoked a great response at various film festivals, conventions and media expos. Now, it is being made available to general public in malls, beginning with Prasads Multiplex. It can be viewed on the world's most sophisticated Occulus Rift VR equipment. There will be separate VR booths for the public. The booths will remain open from morning to evening," he added. 

The VR teaser was also screened at HICC India in Hyderabad on 9 January and 10 January. 

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