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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Prabhas Explains Difference Between Him and Rajamouli

The ongoing promotional campaign of Baahubali 2 is turning out to be quite an interesting exercise for fans of Prabhas to know more about the actor. Not only did he put his heart and soul into making Baahubali possible, but also the actor’s fun side has charmed everyone who interacts with him

In a recent interview, Rajamouli revealed the funny side of Prabhas saying, “He’s extremely hardworking when it comes to films, but off-screen, he’s really lazy. One time, when we were at Mumbai airport, we had less than half an hour to clear the security point. When all of us were getting tensed that we might miss the flight, Prabhas told Shobu, “If you want hardwork go with Rajamouli, but if you want comfort stay with me. We all burst out laughing, but he was right. We got stuck at the security check and five minutes before it ended, Prabhas walked in saying, “Didn’t I tell you to stay with me if you need comfort?” He truly is a darling of everyone in the team.”

Well, what can one say – Prabhas knows how to balance his work and off-screen life!


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