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Friday, July 14, 2017

Baahubali-2: Watched by 10 crore Indians!

'Baahubali-2' is estimated to have been watched by 10 crore Indians so far in theatres. This is the first Indian movie to have this record in its kitty

Per week, on an average, 1 crore people have watched the movie since its release on April 28th. The count includes all the languages in which it was released. 

The Rajamouli magnum opus is also the biggest ever movie in the Telugu States and Tamil Nadu. It's also the highest grossing Hindi movie. Although 'Dangal' is the richest Indian movie, the highest collections made within the country's borders is by 'Baahubali-2'. 

In terms of popularity, it has to be the Prabhaswhich is the best.

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