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Friday, September 01, 2017

Lady Fan’s Wonderful Gift to Prabhas

How far do you think Prabhas’s fan following has gone? We may not even imagine. 

There is a this sweetest gift being planned for Prabhas by a hard core fan. And you know where the statue is being sculpted? Subhadra Mukherjee from Kolkata ia an ardent fan of Prabhas and adores the star more than anything. The fan even sold her jewelry to gather enough money of about a lakh to make the statue of Prabhas like he looks in Baahubali. 

The statue is being carved by one of the reputed artists Sunil Pal in Kolkata. The lady saw Baahubali 2 twenty times by now would want to gift this statue to the star on his birthday which is coming on October 23rd. That’s a cool idea.


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