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Friday, August 20, 2010

Taapsee with Prabhas

This is the pic Taapsee had posted on Twitter. A photo with Prabhas during the Dasarath movie shooting presently going on in Australia.

I feel Taapsee should learn a couple of things from our Prabhas - the first is to maintain a respectable distance with co-stars (and showing some respect for her seniors) and toning down the overconfidence and attitude. Taapsee, You have already earned the wrath of thousands of Prabhas fans by your overconfident pose of putting your hands disrespectfully on OUR Prabhas's shoulder... and by the way you are making the gentleman feel uncomfortable!


Want to know Taapsee reaction to this Post? here's what she had replied to lavanya_aluri on Twitter.

Reactions of PRABHAS fans on ur twit pic's...

bullshit! Jobless ppl!

Well, Taapsee's presumptuous attitute to the fore once again. She should understand it is these 'jobless' people who she talks about, who go to the theatres to watch the Movies... and we watch it just for 'PRABHAS' no matter who the heroine is.

One more pic Taapsee had posted on Twitter

This looks much better!

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  1. she has no education

  2. some meaningful work rather than worshipping heroes..he wudnt hav even noticed ur hardwork..they r earning crores of rupees and we r just wasting our time..and what wrong tapsee did ?? they might b gud frends man and for ur info prabhas is no GOD ..

  3. I am not doing all this for Prabhas to see and congratulate me. It's just my way of showing my admiration for Prabhas. and what's wrong in them earning in crores? It's worth their hardwork but can you measure the value of love his fans have for him? We don't have anything against Taapsee, but we find this pic disrepectful even if they're friends. Maybe, Prabhas is no god, but he is my HERO!

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. // some meaningful work rather than worshipping heroes..//

    Please dont waste your valuble time by visiting hero based blogs and please dont waste your valuable time again by posting silly comments!

    //he wudnt hav even noticed ur hardwork..//

    But we! And please dont be childish.

    // they r earning crores of rupees //

    So what? Please dont be jealous. Read some good books. Attend personality development courses.

    // and we r just wasting our time..//

    As a human being...knowing whats happening around you is not at all wasting your time. Please note down this point.

    // and what wrong tapsee did ?? //

    Cant you understand reaction of fans?

    // they might b gud frends man //

    Is it?

    // and for ur info prabhas is no GOD ..//

    This is the only valid point you have posted and thanks a lot for your great discovery.

  7. @ Chassis

    Ha Ha. That was too good. I just kept laughing.

  8. tat heroine has no respect 4r our cute prabhas darling

  9. @Vasanth bro - Great post. Even i feel the same.. Prabhas seems to be uncomfortable..Eww..

    @TaapSee - We are fans who watch your movies.. and without fans Celebrities are nothing.. once we stop watching movies.. Guess who'll be Jobless.. lol thats' You!!

  10. @ Vaasu
    Well said. Just one release and a few films in Tamil & Telugu and she thinks she's already a celebrity. How naive!

  11. Hai Prabhas,
    we need a more & more entertain love story movies pls.............

  12. to anonymous:
    Prabhas have real talent. admit it.
    If you don't like him, you don't need to talk about him. Remember this is fan's website.
    I like dance. but i can't jelous about michael jackson. do you get it? does it make sense?
    If you want to make lot of money, work for it.
    Forget about Tapsee and her attitude.
    I don't care about it. But Prabhas is gentleman.

  13. @ Prabhasmyhero

    Haha... shouldnt have visited your blog on that day. I cant control my emotions if I see such senseless posts. Really cant but help :D

    Anyway good work asusally :)

    I still dont see how you could manage your time to do all these things :)

  14. Chk out Taapsee's tweets & twitter photos all in one place at & other Tollywood celebrities at

  15. prabhas ur looking to darling movie ur very bad i love u...................


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