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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Prabhas and Switzerland - Part Two

Some more on the Movie locations of 'Darling' in Switzerland. I think i would roamed more on the streets of Bern (on Google Maps, ofcourse)than Prabhas did shooting for the movie.

More on Inka Edo Song

These scenes have been shot in front of the Bern Cathedral called 'The Münster of Bern', a protestant Gothic Cathedral which was started in 1421 and finished with the belltower in 1893.

A high quality pic of the The Münster of Bern:

This is a screenshot of the Bern Cathedral on Google Maps:

This more popular still, which you would've seen in the movie stills has been shot in front of the Swiss Parliament Buildings, Bern.

Here are a couple of Pictures of the House of Parliament, Bern. You will be seeing the fountains in front of the buildings in Neeve Neeve Song, which also been shot around these locations.

The Parliament Building on Google Maps:

This one's in front of the Zytglogge. The Zytglogge is the landmark medieval clock tower in the Old City of Bern. This scene has been shot on the eastern face of the Zytglogge.

The Zytglogge. You will be seeing this location and the bear fountain in yet another song (no, not from Darling)of Prabhas.

More on Neeve Neeve Song locations in Switzerland in my next post.

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