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Saturday, February 04, 2012

Lawrence all set to spoil 'Rebel'

Anushka walked out of Rebel few months ago causing further delay to Rebel which seems to be heading nowhere. Now when the supposedly last schedule is about to start from 15th February, Music Director Thaman has walked out of Rebel.

Thaman has tweeted, “My best wishes to music director Raghava Lawrence Gaaru for REBEL I wish the entire team good luck And I thank Lawrence master for giving me KANCHANA which was a very big hit in both the languages:) but I am officially out of REBEL.”

Its not that we are worried about Thaman leaving the project as he was never a favourite among Prabhas fans, but this development gives further negative talk on the project for which no one else than Raghava Lawrence is to be blamed. He should have been left to direct mediocre films with B grade actors. He has spoiled almost 10 months of Prabhas's time and has irritated us, Prabhas fans with the inordinate delay of Rebel. Not a single official still or the still elusive 'First Look' of Rebel have seen the light of the day. Another awful rumour going around is that Raghava Lawrence himself may compose music for this film!

Prabhas being the gentleman that he is will not speak anything bad about his movie or RL. By accepting Anushka, who is one of the reasons for Rebel's delay as heroine for his new movie with Koratala Siva, it only obvious that Prabhas is not blaming Anushka for her walking out of Rebel. While Prabhas may be silent, we his fans need not be. This post is just an outburst of my anger and displeasure of the way Lawrence had handled this movie right from the start.

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  1. Lawrence is going to compose himself? God, I was actually very excited for this movie. But I really hope it turns out well. Prabhas is simply AWESOME!


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