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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Satyanand Speaks about Prabhas

An interesting info on Prabhas from

Big names such as Pawan Kalyan, Mahesh Babu and Prabas always create sensation on Telugu film screen.They are known to strike gold at the box office even with an average movie.Though it is their family background that placed them in Telugu Film Industry , it is their talent and endurance that gave them enormous craze and humongous fan base.But do you know all these big names share a common root point? and there is a unsung hero behind all these celebrities, who guided them towards their goal?.Here we go !! Behindreels made a quick study on the Satyanand, who gave more than 55 successful stars to Tollywood and the list include Mahesh Babu, Prabas, Pawan Kalyan.

He worked a assistant director and character artist in many Telugu movies.Later he settled in Vizag with a institute that trained most of the present day celebrities.The institute runs solely based on the mouth word and it attracts huge number of aspiring actors.He always believes in moulding the artists to adopt any character, be it class, mass even 'Pouranikam' roles.

In a quick interview, when he was asked about Prabhas, he said "he is very afraid of girls and he was pretty weak at the working out onscreen chemistry with heroines.We trained him to overcome those. He was infact very lean in the early days and now you can see what he is turned out to be, a perfect hunk of Tollywood. "

Not only these, there are various other successful actors who are trained under Satyanand Institute.There are numerous awards and rewards to the credits of Satyanand and he recieved special appreciation for his stage shows(as director) from former Prime Minister Rajiv Ghandi in 1987"

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