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Friday, March 16, 2012

A Great Fan of Prabhas is Lost!

Friends, We have lost a great fan of Prabhas, Mr.Suresh Varma, owner of and admin of prabhasfansworld Facebook Page. It's a sad news for all prabhas fans. We miss you Bro. May your soul Rest in Peace.


  1. R.I.P suresh bro i cant bear this truth that you are no more. :(
    I spoke with you till 4pm and you left me alone you left all of us at 5.30pm!!! :(
    I am not happy with you. See how many of us are in depression losing you. Even team is very sad because you are not alive.
    Vasanth anna and all of us love you alot.
    If you haven't went to swim in that bloody lake, we may not have lost you. :/

    Suresh's last message to a person was his lovable comments on Prabhas :|


  2. RIP Suresh!!!!!!!!!!!


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