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Sunday, March 25, 2012

PrabhasmyHero Blog Completes 4 Years

My Blog completes Four Years today. This year has been quite special since the members subscribing to my blog has dramatically increased from 500 on July 15, 2011 to more than 1300 today. I have also created a Facebook Page for my Blog, mainly to keep you all updated about my new posts. This four year long journey with Prabhas started way back on 25th March 2008 when i started this blog to just share a few wallpapers of Prabhas which i had done. Though i had a few favourites earlier, no one has really influenced me the way Prabhas had. It was this immense liking of Prabhas, both as an actor and a person, which had kept me going for the past four years, and will for more years to come.

Coming to my Blog, as you know it is exclusively for Prabhas and Prabhas alone. I have maintained this exclusivity right from the start of this Blog. So you will not find any news about anyone else, even from his own family. Secondly, i will not post any negative news on Prabhas or his movies. You may not find even words like flop, average etc in my posts and a strict no no to any rumours on the personal life of Prabhas.

There are a few things about my Blog which i feel really proud about and wish to share with all of you.

- The Oldest, the biggest, most extensive and still the most active site for Prabhas.
- The first site to bring you the Annual Prabhas Calendars.
- The first site to compile all the functions and events attended by Prabhas all at one place.
- The only site to put up Subtitles for Eeshwar and Raghavendra for the benefit of non-telugu fans of Prabhas all over the world.
- The only site with almost 150 Widescreen Wallpapers of Prabhas.
- Exclusive posts on Prabhas movie Shooting Spots.

Thanks friends for all your support. Your comments have been my major encouragement.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Prabhasmyhero! You´re awesome. :) Keep on with the hard work. It´s really amazing what you have achieved.

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  3. not bad cool praba i like u this is venu u fan


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