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Saturday, February 09, 2013

Prabhas at Vishwaroopam 'Thank You' Pressmeet (8/2/2013)

Siri Media who distributed Vishwaroopam in Telugu has organized a press meet today at Taj Banjara. It was attended by Kamal Hassan, Dasari, D Rama Naidu, K Raghavendra Rao, K Vishwanath, Nagarjuna, Prabhas, Trivikram and SS Rajamouli attended it.

Too small to talk about Kamal Hassan - Prabhas
Prabhas said, “Sitting in the same dais of Kamal Hassan is a great honor to me. I am too small to talk about Kamal Hassan and I grew up watching his films. I think Kamal Hassan will inspire the next 10 generations.”

Kamal Hassan has to unlearn – K Viswanadh
K Viswanadh said, “Kamal Hassan has a few defects. He is too knowledgeable. You have to unlearn in order to survive in film industry. I am an actor because of Kamal. He insisted that I should act. Acting has become like a paid holiday to me.”

SS Rajamouli said, “I have seen the video of Kamal Hassan and felt really bad. He had tears in eyes not because he might lose his house, but he might be staying away from the mother land of Tamilnadu. The people from all over India came forward and supported Kamal Hassan.”

I am an actor and director, but not a rioter – Kamal Hassan
Kamal Hassan said, “I started my career as a dance assistant 35 years back in Saradhi studios, Hyderabad for Srimanthudu film. My first remuneration was Rs 250/-. I thought that I would be doing great if I had five such assignments a week . Then I was offered a small role in Bala Chandar’s Inti Dongalu and my remuneration was Rs 500/-. Latest I was paid Rs 2500/- for the Tamil original of Anthuleni Katha. I was paid 40,000 for Maro Charitra. I gave that 40,000 as an advance for camera as I wanted to become a technician. I thought that acting was not my cup of tea. But things were not the same after the release of Maro Charitra. After Maro Charitra release, everybody thought that my birth place was Vizag. Gowtami too asked me if I were from Vizag. LV Prasad gave me 2 lacs for Ek Duje Keliye. I have had tough times financially from early days. I had a debt of 12 lacs during Amavasya Chandrudu. Due to Ek Duje Keliye success, I could able to pay off debts by taking advances. Industry has kept me financially alive throughout my career. I don’t have any anger for what had happened for vishwaroopam, but I am deeply saddened by it. Artist should not be insulted. I am an actor and director, but not a rioter. I still feel like an assistant director. I am willing to learn from all directors including Rajamouli. Media gave immense strength during Vishwaroopam release. Subhas Chandrabose fought for India by staying away from India. I might have to do it if such things happen again.”



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