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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Koratala Shiva : Prabhas is a Darling with no Ego

Koratala Shiva is all set to make his formal debut as a director with the film ‘Mirchi’. The movie is getting ready to hit the screens on Feb 8th and Shiva interacted with members of the press briefly today. He spoke about his inspirations, about working with Prabhas and about the film ‘Mirchi’. Excerpts of the interview of Korata Siva to
Q. What are your expectations from the film ‘Mirchi’?
A. “Maa mirchi manchi ghaatuga untundhi”. The film will show Prabhas in a new way and the character is a perfect fit for Prabhas. It is a tailor made role for him and fans will surely love our film.
Q. You are known for your punch dialogues. Did you write any special ones for Mirchi?
A. I am someone who believes that punch dialogues should come naturally from the story. I don’t write them artificially. In ‘Mirchi’, that is what I have done and because of the natural emotions in the story, I have managed to pen some entertaining dialogues for the film.
Q. How was it to work with Prabhas?
A. Prabhas is an absolute joy to work with. He is a Darling. He has absolutely no ego and he never treated me like a debut director. He gave me a lot of respect and co-operated completely. There were times when I asked him to perform for some very tough shots, but he never ever said no.  Prabhas is a passionate actor and I loved working with him.
Q. Are you happy with the response the music has been getting?
A. Yes. The audio has become a big hit and I am very happy with DSP’s work.
Q. What are your future projects?

A. I am currently working on a story. I will decide upon my future course of action after Mirchi’s release.
Q. What can viewers expect from Mirchi?
A. The film will be a stylish entertainer with good emotions. The story is paramount to the movie and all characters have good importance. Basically, after walking out of the theater, you will remember the characters by their names.


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