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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Baahubali's Engagement in RFC

Well, this isn't one of those marriage rumours about Prabhas. The news is about Baahubali. 

If we take the most eligible bachelors in the city of stars , then hero hunk Prabhas is on top of the list. Many girls are really lining up to marry our hero star, but he is zeroing in one. Anyway that’s a different story. Prabhas is actually engaged to a hot woman in Ramoji Film City on a specially designed set. This is happening on the set of her upcoming movie ‘Baahubali ‘. 

One can easily guess that the hand that is being raised to insert a ring is none other than Anushka. Taking the shots very well , he learned that the director Rajamouli has some good romantic movements between the main couple in this episode commitment . 

Director Rajamouli made a set in Ramoji Film City with a cost of 2.5 crores of Rupees for the purpose of engagement scenes to be canned for the film “Baahubali”. 

Rana, Ramya Krishna and of course Anuskha took part in the engagement scene filmed. Rajamouli is taking the project as a prestigious one after Eega. Shobhu Yarlagadda and Prasad Devineni are making “Baahubali” under the banner of Arka Media Works. Keeravani is scoring music for the flick.


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