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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Baahubali's magnificent sets floor Ramoji Rao

Ramoji film city chairman Ramoji Rao has written a heart touching letter to Rajamouli for having the great vision to create magnificent sets for Bahubali. 

In his letter, the chairman praised the director for his class and quality in creating Bahubali. Ramoji Rao expressed that he absolutely admires Rajamouli's attention to the most minute detail on the sets, which is a result of extensive research. 

He went on to share that he feels this film will be a historic success and a landmark in Indian Cinema. The chairman also praised art director Sabu Cyril for his superb work on the huge sets of Bahubali, which is a period warrior film. 

The story is top secret, but speculation suggests that it revolves around the story of a past King, his grey-shaded brother and a Queen. 

 During his visit to the sets at Ramoji film city, the chairman was so amazed that he couldn't stop himself from expressing his admiration and respect for Rajamouli and his cast and crew. Bahubali is slowly taking shape and it looks very very promising indeed.

Ramoji Rao's Letter to Rajamouli


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