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Monday, August 04, 2014

Exclusive: Baahubali to join Rs 150 crore club!

Records aren't new for Rajamouli, but this time everything just got bigger and better surpassing the expectations! The pre-release business of 'Baahubali' is grabbing the Nation's attention at the moment. 

Trade buzz says, 'Baahubali' is expected to join Rs 150 crore club prior to the release and that's purely from its theatrical revenue. This is something never heard before for regional film and it was Rajinikanth-Shankar's 'Robo' which came anywhere close to this milestone. 

AP + Nizam (Rs 70 crore) - 
Nizam: Rs 25 crore; 
Ceded: Rs 13 crore; 
Uttar Andhra: Rs 7.5 crore; 
Guntur: Rs 6.5 crore; 
Krishna: Rs 5 crore; 
East Godavari: Rs 5 crore; 
West Godavari: Rs 4.5 crore; 
Nellore: Rs 3.5 crore. 

Karnataka: Rs 9 crore 

Tamilnadu: Rs 25 crore (Expected) 

Overases: Rs 15 crore (Expected) 

Hindi + Malayalam + Other Indian & International Languages: Rs 35 crore (Expected). 

Can any other Telugu film shatter this mind-boggling record?

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