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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Prabhas overtakes Rajamouli

S.S.Rajamouli is undoubtedly the most famous director of Tollywood. With an impeccable track record of nine hits in a row starting from Student No.1 in 2001 to Eega in 2012, he is the most sought after director in Tollywood and is also ardently called as Sure Shot Rajamouli, a sobriquet he rightfully deserves. With his last film 'Eega' garnering the attention at National level and 'Eega' winning various awards at regional, national and international levels, the expectations on his next film 'Baahubali', reportedly the costliest ever Indian film and in production for almost two years has soared sky high.

Rajamouli is also quite popular on the Social Network too, his facebook page having more likes than many of the so called Super Stars of Telugu cinema. That is his popularity. While there is no denying that he deserves his due as the brain behind Baahubali, a few envious souls have sought to downplay the popularity of the Hero of the movie, our own Young Rebel Star Prabhas by spreading canards that the craze for Baahubali is only because of Rajamouli. How delusive!

Now, as if to silence his critics and as a sure sign of his immense popularity which only seems to grow boundless with every passing day, the Official Facebook page of Prabhas today crossed 2.71 million likes overtaking Rajamouli. Atleast now the critics can keep their mouth shut (can't help if their jaws drop on seeing our Darling's evergrowing popularity!).

Well, here's the proof:


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