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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Puli or Baahubali: Who won the box office battle?

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While both Puli and Baahubali released amidst a lot of hype and anticipation, here's the verdict on the box office battle between the two films.. 

Baahubali had released around three months back and went on to create history at the box office. With spectacular VFX, SS Rajamouli's magnum opus turned out to be a visual treat for the audiences. Not just that, a strong plot helped up the film's momentum at the box office as it went on to shatter all possible box office records post its much hyped release. 

On the other hand, it was Vijay and Sridevi's Puli which hit screens last week. The fantasy film, which was appreciated for its creatively shot trailer was also expected to score big at the BO, given that the treatment was expected to be the same.  
Did it happen? Did Puli beat Baahubali? Or is Baahubali still the reigning champion at the BO? Here's the lowdown. 

Baahubali's collections

Baahubali opened to a whopping Rs 50 crore all over the world, which is by far the highest for any Indian film ever. The film which was lauded for its great screenplay and breathtaking moments went on to become a huge hit at the BO in the first two days itself. So much that Baahubali entered the Rs 100 crore bracket in merely two days post its release. 

Overall, the film went on to win a lot of hearts and crossed the Rd 600 crore mark worldwide. It's possibly the only South Indian film to nett over Rs 200 crore in India itself. The Hindi version itself had raked in over Rs 125 crore at the domestic BO. 

Puli's collections

While Baahubali created a storm at the BO, Puli definitely fizzled out, courtesy a shoddy screenplay and a boring plotline. The film raked in around Rs 10.75 crore in Tamil Nadu itself on its opening day and added over Rs 3.20 crore from Kerala and another Rs 4 crore from Karnatala. Overseas, Puli bagged around Rs 10 crore as well from the overseas market. Despite all this, Puli terribly under-performed given the expectations from the film. In totality, the worldwide gross of the film in three days stand at just about Rs 64 crore flat, which is miles behind Baahubali. 

So when you talk about the box office race, without a doubt, it's Baahubali which takes home the crown. Sorry Vijay, maybe you can try harder next time!


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