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Saturday, May 21, 2016

11 things Baahubali - The Conclusion will reveal

1. The aftermath of Shivudu killing Bhadra

So what happened next? After seeing his mother Devasena being insulted, humiliated and assaulted inhumanly by Bhadra, Shivudu kills him in a rage, beheading Bhadra. Though Kattappa recognizes it's Baahubali son and reveals his past, the movie doesn't reveal what happened next. What did Shivudu do next? It surely wasn't an advisable move to take on the mighty Bhallaladeva at this point. What did Kattappa advise him to do? Did Shivudu return to his home with his mother Devasena to lay low for a while and plan his attack?

What did an enraged Bhallaladeva do on learning that his son was gruesomely killed? Did he knew who killed his son? May be either Kattappa himself or his soldiers would have revealed to Bhallaladeva that it was Baahubali's son, who freed his mother and killed Bhadra. Given that scenario what did Bhallaladeva do to find and capture Shivudu? Was he successful in taking his revenge?

2. Did Baahubali really become the King?

Though Sivakami proclaims Baahubali as the King of Mahishmathi after the end of the war, did Baahubali get crowned as the King of Mahismathi? It is unlikely that Bhallaladeva and his father Bijjaladeva would have tolerated, much less accepted this decision of Sivagami, when their ultimate goal was making Bhallaladeva the king. 

This scene of a duel between Bhallaladeva and Baahubali in the first teaser of Baahubali, where Bhallaladeva is seen seated in the throne gives rise to a doubt whether Baahubali was really crowned as the king or was the throne snatched from Baahubali by the cunning plans of Bhallaladeva and Bijjaladeva.

3. What sin did Sivagami commit?

In the opening scene, while in the middle of the river, Sivagami asks forgiveness for her sins and offers her life to the god in turn for saving the child, Mahendra Baahubali. She's the 'Epitome of Justice', what sin could she commit? Right from protecting Mahishmathi from traitors, adopting and bringing up Baahubali as her own son and by finally declaring Baahubali as the king, Baahubali - The Beginning had enough instances to show that Sivagami was really a woman of substance, of word, an epitome of justice. How could she go wrong? 

Did she have any role in Devasena's incarceration and confinement in chains? or did she have any part in the ultimate crime of Baahubali getting killed? or was it just her contemplation that her past actions, done intentionally or otherwise have resulted in the present situation.

4. The Scar on Bhallaladeva's face

How and when did this happen? Though it's obvious that Baahubali did this to Bhallaladeva, what was the provocation that resulted in this situation? Though this might appear to be a minor issue, this is expected to be a scene of much importance - a scene of combat, of words and of swords between the protagonist and the antagonist. Did what Baahubali did to Bhallaladeva change Sivagami's heart and turned her against Baahubali?

Will this be the scene where Baahubali slashes Bhallaladeva's face?

5. Devasena's Intro

In Baahubali - The beginning, Prabhas had two intros. Shivudu had a Chatrapathi style intro, of leaping off a rock to jump on to the cliff above and Baahubali deftly handling a rain of arrows, halfway through Mamatala Talli song. Bhallaladeva had a more menacing intro, a bull fight, with the poor bull succumbing to a single blow to his head by the mightly, now middle aged tyrant king. Even Avantika had an awesome fight scene in the woods.

Now in Baahubali 2, Devasena is also expected to have a great intro scene, which will showcase her as a strong willed woman and fighting skills going by the first look of Devasena.

6. Baahubali, Devasena and Bhallaladeva's Triangular Love Story

Bhallaladeva in a scene asks Devasena, 'you rejected me and wanted him. Where is he now?' making it clear that he too desired Devasena, but she rejected him for Baahubali. What's this interesting love story between Baahubali and Devasena? Was it love at first sight or did it start in a fight and end in romance? What spoilsport did Bhallaladeva play to thwart their romance and how did Baahubali overcome all the hurdles to unite with his sweet heart?

7. Will Prabhas go shirtless again in The Conclusion?

He set many a heart to aflutter and pulses racing when he flung his sleeveless shirt afar and lifted the huge shivling. His massive shoulders, bulging biceps and perfect abs sent his fans into a tizzy. He followed it up with a romantic scene with Tamanna. His perfect physique was one of the highlights of Baahubali and had women swooning over his mighty 'cut-out' and inspiring men to have a body like him.

The question now on may minds is, will Prabhas do the shirtless act again? Will he satisfy his fans who proudly admire his physique? Well, the answer to the question is, most likely an YES! Rajamouli exploited the mass image (read 'body') of Prabhas to perfection in Chatrapathi. His shirtless fight scene in Chatrapathi is still one of the best in his career. He did it again with aplomb in Baahubali - The Beginning by making a chiselled physiqued Prabhas lift the hefty shivaling, adding enormous strength to the character of Shivudu. So, most likely Rajamouli might do it again. We can hope to expect atleast some romantic scenes between Baahubali and Devasena. 

8. Who is Bhallaladeva's wife?

Now, this is one character to look forward to in the Conclusion. Who is Bhallaladeva's wife? Who is Bhadra's mother? Nothing was even mentioned about this character in the baahubali 1. Does she have any significant role? Is she even alive? If not, did she die a natural death or was killed? If so, Why? This mysterious character in all possibility might be revealed in the conclusion.

9. Kunthala Kingdom and Kunthala's Hideout

Though the aerial map view of Mahishmathi kingdom during the opening of the film show Kunthala Kingdom, nothing is said about this place in the movie. This kingdom is definitely of much signifance. But then, who rules Kunthala? What relation or importance does this place hold? Who is hiding in the Kunthala hideout? 

Questions and guesses abound. Was Devasena the princess of Kunthala? What happened to Kunthala after the marriage of Baahubali and Devasana? Did Bhallaladeva declare any war on Kunthala kingdom? Are Avanthika and her troop, the vanquished warriors of Kunthala? Many a questions on Kunthala kingdom and Kunthala hideout will  be revealed in the Conclusion.

10. Did Devasena avenge her husband's killing?

Did Mahendra Baahubali fulfill his mother Devasena's wish to avenge the killing of her husband Baahubali? When Sivagami wanted her sons to kill Kalakeya in a specific way, Baahubali could not fulfill her wish fully, due to a hideous intervention by Bhallaladeva in the last minute. 

Now, will the son fulfill his mother's wish? Will Shivudu drag Bhallaladeva to the funeral pyre his mother had diligently readied with branches and twigs and let Devasena avenge her husband's death?

11. Why did Kattappa kill Baahubali?

The answer to the ultimate question of all will be answered in Baahubali 2. Did Kattappa kill Baahubali knowingly or was he tricked into stabbing Baahubali by the evil designs of Bhallaladeva and Bijjaladeva? Who else had a role in this diabolical act? 

Well, we might have to wait another ten more months for these answers. Till then, keep guessing!


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