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Sunday, June 05, 2016

Baahubali 2 Climax Shoot Begins on June 13th

Team Baahubali had taken a month long summer break from shooting due to the hot summer at Hyderabad. This one month break was utilised for pre production work, rehearsals, practice, VFX visualisation and also in promoting Baahubali in various film festivals and international releases across the world. Baahubali was released in Germany, Peru and Taiwan in the past couple of months and will be releasing in France and China during June. 

Baahubali is set to resume shooting from June 13th in a gruelling 10 week long schedule when the climax of the movie will be shot. 

"Happy to be back at shoot after summer break! After months of pre-visualisation, action choreography, practice & rehearsals, multiple sets, 100's of props, and VFX planning, we are almost ready to begin the challenging 10 week schedule for the shoot of the climax of Baahubali 2 starting June 13th!" Rajamouli had posted on his facebook page.


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