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Sunday, June 12, 2016

These Prabhas One Liners Definitely Made You Whistle

The word ‘Darling’ aptly suits this handsome hunk. Though appears to be a macho, Prabhas has this connect through his one liners, which not only attracts his huge female fans, but also the guys alike. He carries the right attitude yet throws at us some humbleness. On screen he not only lights up with his high voltage emotions but even with his ‘one among us’ light humor. 

Being the first actor to devote a span of 3 years at the peak time of his career for a director’s vision in expanding the meaning of cinema to the audience, Prabhas has grown not only as an actor but as a great personality and inspiration to many of his fellas. Wishing this awesome DUDE many many more happy returns, here we bring to you some of his best one liners which I am sure made you whistle for either of them, at least once.


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