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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Prabhas Talks about Rebel

Rebel has taken spectacular openings, according to trade reports. Saying that he was always confident of the story's BO potential, Prabhas says that he never had any doubts, doubts of the kind he had had while working for Darling and Mr. Perfect. 

In this interview, Prabhas shares his experiences about working with Krishnam Raju, Rebel's major plusses, his forthcoming movie, and more. 

Was confident of Rebel: 

I had some apprehensions regarding the commercial potential of Darling and Mr. Perfect, as they both were class films. If the story lacked something somewhere, they would not work. With Rebel, I was always confident that it will work. It has elements for the mass audience. I enjoyed doing it for precisely the same reason. I do not want to talk about the records. Owing to the right combination, it generated big openings. Looking at the response the audio generated, I was sure that the film will take bigger openings than any of my previous film. 

The many highlights: 

It is my feeling that the pre-interval episode is one-of-its-kind in Telugu cinema. Kudos to Larencce for executing it so stylishly. While watching the movie in a theatre, I found that the viewers enjoyed the episode a lot. Credit goes to Lawrence for executing it so stylishly; it would have been difficult to make such a scene in an understandable manner. Even Peda Nanna garu's character was very stylishly shown. When I saw him on the screen, he looked like a character from Hollywood. It proves that Larencce's biggest strength is his slick execution. The white suit, the get-up, his dialogues, his agility - these were extraordinary. Besides Tamanna and Deeksha Seth, the elaborate scenes involving Brahmanandam, Ali, Kovai Sarala added to the entertainment quotient. It has more fun quotient in it.

Was tensed to shoot that scene: 

The temple fight scene (where men cross-dressed as women are seen) was a big idea. I did not know how I could say something to Peda Nanna garu showing anger in me. I conveyed the same to my director, who motivated me by saying that that will not be difficult since he will make me immersed in the character. Even Peda Nanna garu was aware that I was feeling tensed about pulling it off. He asked me to be the character. Yet, I could not say the dialogue with the ordinary ease with which I would have delivered. I did downcast my eyes rather quickly after uttering the line. That is not recognisable in the film though. 

Blockbuster song: All my films had a blockbuster song each. Here it is the Deepali song, I guess. The feel of the song was higher on the celluloid. Tamanna is a better dancer than me. The Keka song had good dance moves. My fans and general audiences are of the opinion that my dances in Rebel are better than those in my previous films. I don't know whether I have really perfected it. (Laughs). 

Remaking a Krishnam Raju film: It is not going to happen any soon. But I have always liked to act in the remake of 'Bhakta Kannappa'. Also, 'Katakatala Rudrayya' inspires me. 

Supreet the second hero: 

Supreet's character was well-etched. I think he is a big plus. His character boosts mine at crucial places. Also, selecting new faces for villains helped in adding a refreshing look. 

Clever elevation of heroism: 

In the first half, Rishi's character is deliberately lowered four times, only to be raised towards the interval bang. The same idea is used in the second half. It is all meant to elevate heroism. 

New film in December: 

SS Rajamouli's film will have a strong story and more commercial elements. It will go on the floors in December. It is a big film for me. Varadhi is only a tentative title. Koratala Shiva (director) is considering other titles. We will announce the final title in a week's time. 

I thank everyone: 

I thank all my fans and audiences for giving Rebel great openings. My female fans and family audiences are watching the film even during shows at odd timings.

CREDITS (English Version) : INDIAGLITZ


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