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Friday, September 28, 2012

Rebel Movie Reviews

A few initial reviews of Rebel

Prabhas is back with a pakka mass masala this time. Lawerence had perfectly used the strengths of Prabhas in the movie. It would a treat for every fan to watch him in Rebel. 

Hilarious Comedy episodes by Bramhanadam, Prabhas, Tammana 

Movie carries a Bashaa feel, interval is on par with Chatrapathi movie, very powerful interval.

Tamanna is at her best in the movie. Lawerence had drawn best out of her. Her superb styling had added to the gifted charm and will mesmerize the audience for sure. 

The movie will go well with the masses. Fans will be delighted as every thing about Prabhas is taken care of. 

The Run time of the movie and high dosage of violence may be a concern for A class audience.

Prabhas and Tamanna steal the show. Songs are good on screen. Action part is the major highlight of the film. The film is violent, but masses will like the intensity. All in all Rebel is getting decent reports and with the hype and buzz surrounding it, it should easily be the biggest grosser in Prabhas's career. -

Prabhas has a kind of screen persona and a ravishing and manly chiseled body that he makes surrealistic and superlative action sequences completely believable. His dialogue delivery as a angry young man is a great asset. Lawrence has used these two unique features of Prabhas to maximum while working for Rebel film. Prabhas is completely awe-inspiring as Rebel. Prabhas also possess a rare quality of delivery comedy for an out-and-out action hero -

Rebel is an revenge-based action film. Prabhas is known as one of the best mass stars of Telugu cinema. Lawrence’s movies are known to appeal to the raw senses of mass movie lovers. Rebel is no exception. Interval block is really good. Rebel has decent commercial elements and targeted at masses. Masses will like it. -

Prabhas looks very macho and quite handsome throughout the movie. He has shown quite a number of variations in this movie – a timid son, a soft lover and a violent gangster. He has done a good job and fans will love him in the film. -

 The film picks up tremendous pace about 15 minutes before the interval and Prabhas’s heroism is at peak levels here. This is without a doubt a highlight part of the film. There are a few good fights in the second half that will appeal to mass movie lovers.-


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