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Friday, September 28, 2012

Rebel Movie Tweet Review by AP Herald

3:00 am[IST] : Good Morning Tweetlets, wake up 'Its Rebel's Time'

3:05 am[IST]: As expected parking is filled up with cars and bikes even befor sun rise..

3:10 am[IST] : Tweetlets, icing on the cake beautiful chick and even aunty gangs with full on make up, proving the strong lady fan following of our darling prabhas.

3:12 am[IST]: 'Star Star Rebel Star' Slogans all around the theatre and fire works building the mood sky high. 

3:15 am[IST]:halls has whistles all round dominating dts sound, showing stamina of young rebel star.

3:17 am[IST]: Film titles start with Krishnam raju name card flowing prabhas, tamanna etc.

3:18 am[IST]: Film starts with gang of black masked people on bullet bikes in the rain killing a police DGP. 

3:18 am[IST]: Prabhas entry with rayban glasses and deisel belt in airport and Brahmi comes to recieve him.

3:20 am[IST]:Brahmi spreading smiles with few gud funny lines

3:22 am[IST]:Prabhas looks fabulous in his outfits and comes in searching the villian of the film stefen robert.

3:25 am[IST]:Tamanna is shown on screen with 'google search' song and her dance with sexy expressions are visual treat, Rushi(Prabhas) comes to bangkok for her...

3:30 am[IST]:Nandini(Tamanna) is dance teacher for 'hip hop' and prabhas along with brahmi join as dance students

3:35 am[IST]:Kovai sarala is dance instructor for brahmi and comedy scenes between them are enjoyable 

3:45 am[IST]:Brahmi and kovai sarala(jessi) love track is boaring and not laughable

3:50 am[IST]:Prabhas getting beatup by his co-student and not even giving serious look is very disappointing

3:55 am[IST]:Prabhas reverse trick of his non existing mardalu to get tammy fall in love with her is good

3:58 am[IST]:Tammy trying out different saree styles showcasing her sexy navel is starting fire on screen.. 
3:59 am[IST]:'Keka Keka' Song started and Prabhas dance moves are marvelous, especially his leg movements and flor movements are best dance moves till date

4:05 am[IST]:Prabhas doesn't love Tammy, he just acts like to get Stefen Robert pic because his dad is close associate to villain

4:05 am[IST]:Tamy gets the video of Stefen for Prabhas and villain looks ultimate doing fight in the video 

4:15 am[IST]:Prabhas action started with a fight scene and he looks amazing in the fight and theatre is filled with whistles for his dialogues , Some dialogues are Meeru Akali Tho Vetaada Puli Nee chuusuntaruuu Aavesham Tho Vetaada Puli Nee Chuusuntaruu Nenu Rendu Yella Upavasam Tharvatha Vetaade Puli Nee.. Dhanikee Aaharam Ippudu Fix Ayindhi.... Nenu Yamudu Rupam Lo Vachina Rebel ……

4:20 am[IST]:Katraj (Pradeep Rawat) pulling up a jeep with his hand is very annoying on screen

4:30 am[IST]:Fighting scene before interval where Prabhas's bodyguards showing the fighting skills was very stylishly shot.. [INTERMISSION]

 4:35 am[IST]:First half looks very decent but still real action scenes are yet to come and theatre is filled up with papers

4:40 am[IST]:Rebel Star Krishnam Raju entry in white suite and his catching corrupted police officer is treat to watch and shot very convincing way

4:43 am[IST]:Deepali (Deeksha Seth) entry saying I love U Prbhas is cool and she looks glamorous

4:50 am[IST]:A blind girl listing to Prabhas heart beat and saying 'Uncle Manasu Chalaa Manchidi Akkani Baaga Choosukuntaadu' there Deeksha seth starts deepali song and physically challenged kids performing with Krishna is superb with karthik voice kept the song mood high....

4:55 am[IST]:Prabhas entry in second half with naamalu on face and white jubba is funny and even deeksha in aged women character is fine

5:00 am[IST]:Ali as kamalhasan shivashanker is very funny and his getup emitating shiva shanker is good.. 

5:10 am[IST]:Prabhas fight scene at Kalika temple where villain gang which comes from Bihar getup as ladies is excellent and showen well-built body of prabhas

5:20 am[IST]:Mukhesh Rushi plans up with Stefen to kill Bhupathi (Krishnam Raju)

5:25 am[IST]:Mukhesh executes the plan of killing Prabhas parents and even his lover deeksha, thats where flash back ends

5:30 am[IST]:'Orinayano' song by Tamy and Prabhas gets fresh feel to film after boring flash back , dance moves by both looks fantastic

5:40 am[IST]:Prabhas sketch smart to bring both Stefen and Raebert is good and Prabhas with white suite in the climax with more than 20 white BMWs is nice

5:50 am[IST]:Film ends up with excellent fight scence for 10 minutes which prooves the hard core mass image of prabhas

5:50 am[IST]:Thats it with Rebel tweet review, we hope you enjoyed it and full review on Rebel movie available with the below links.


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  1. is there any need to write the story on a blog .movie wil be some more exiting if one doesn't know the story

  2. Dude in today's life with more than dozen works and more than one new movie releasing every week, I think these reviews are helpful.


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