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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

13 Reasons- Why Baahubali Creating Sensation?

Plus Points-
3.Huge Budget
4.Movie Title,i.e.Baahubali
5.Releasing in various languages
6.Top most experts working on this film
7.Promotions in Metro cities
8.Visual effects (4000 VFX shots)
9.Proved through the makings that made fans to
increase their Eagerness gradually
10.Interviews by BBC
11.Top Heroes visited the sets of baahubali
12.Raw equipments,war swords and crowns used are
creative that too more than 15000 sketches including
13.Long working days
If these are the plus points then
there is no question of further bias and confusions.It
relies how SSR will execute this Epic movie.
Source: Prabhasmyhero Blog

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