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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

An Imaginary Mahishmati for Baahubali

Rajamouli's mirifical vision has left all the film makers in the country in a state of shock. You got to take at least a minute to make belief of what you see. To put it straight, the recently released sketches from Baahubali are jaw dropping. 

Baahubali will be set in an imaginary Kingdom called Mahishmati. Rajamouli, along with his art director Sabu Cyril, has brought the imaginary kingdom to live. The film's shooting has been wrapped up yesterday and Rajamouli is not leaving any stone un-turned to make it spectacle. 

 The focus has been entirely shifted to the VFX works of the film. Rajamouli has flew down to Seoul to oversee the visual effects work being carried by a team from China and Korea. 

Meanwhile, the pictures released at the Bengaluru Comic Con festival, has making the Telugu movie lovers go crazy. Baahubali is going to be an epic film in every sense. 


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