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Friday, April 24, 2015

Hollywood Eyes On Baahubali

Cineviswamitra S.S. Rajamouli was planning a greater canvas for the India’s Highest Budget movie Baahubali across the globe. In order to get the attention of International movie lovers, Rajamouli and the producer Shobu Yarla Gadda invited the most popular Asian Editor of ‘’ James Marsh to Hyderabad for attracting the International Movie Lovers, especially Asian Market which was known to be the No.1 Global Market for Cinema through him. 

James Marsh who visited the sets and art gallery of Baahubali by obliging the makers request got overwhelmed by the incredible work done by Rajamouli and his team. On his return , James Marsh felt that he was really privileged to witness such an amazing talent from India especially from Telugu through the highest budget movie of India, Baahubali. 

James Marsh declared Baahubali as a Monster hit in his Twitch Column after knowing all the hype, which was flowing like electrons from everyone and everywhere in India. So fans and Baahubali Lovers, Like a famous movie dialogue, ” Ocean Seems to be Calm, before it was going to devastate all the shores”. The Same Way, “Calmness Of Baahubali was the sign to swept away all the shores of World”. 

Baahubali-The Beginning First part will strike in the month of July and the second part will be in the first half of 2016.

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