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Sunday, May 10, 2015

International Laurels Pour In For Baahubali

Even before a couple of months of its release, Baahubali is making all the right noise not just in the Telugu states and across India but even globally. Recently, Baahubali was featured in the reputed international news agency for entertainment, Twitch Film. Now, the magnum opus gets further more appreciation from Variety, yet another popular entertainment and news agency. 

In its special feature, Variety explained in detail about the film's Hollywood standard making and the tedious VFX process on a minimal budget, when compared to gigantic budgets Hollywood studios dabble with. Most of the VFX work is being done in as many as 18 world class VFX studios across several countries, with more than 600 experienced technicians working round the clock. 

Eyeing a wide release for the film in Asian countries and even in Europe, the makers of Baahubali have teamed up with leading professionals for the most prestigious film festival in the world, Cannes Film Festival, and participate in the marketing section of the festival to find international distributors for the film. Baahubali is set for a shattering release in more than 4000 screens across the world this July. 

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