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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Rs 70 crore for Baahubali Graphics

VFX Expert Srinivas Mohan who won National Awards for films like 'Magic...Magic', 'Shivaji' and 'Robo' is supervising the visual effects of 'Baahubali'. About 600 people have been working for the Graphics of this period drama. 

Usually, A 10 Seconds of Visual Effects work costs around Rs 50,000. As 95% of 'Baahubali' scenes have graphics, the makers have spent a whooping Rs 70 crore for it already. This is a figure not even heard for either 'Robo' or Shahrukh Khan's 'Ra.One'. 

The graphics in 'Baahubali' will be so real that audience would never what's real & what's created using the 'photo real graphics'. This epic movie could be compared with Hollywood flicks Avatar & Lord of the Rings. 

Delay in 'Baahubali' release by few months is only because of the extensive graphics work. The release date was confirmed as July 10th after Karan Johar who is releasing the Hindi version appealed Rajamouli for more time to launch aggressive promotions.

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