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Monday, November 02, 2015

Sleepless nights for Baahubali 2

“Every day is on a war footing,” says acclaimed art director, Sabu Cyril. The National award-winner, who has been involved in grand productions like Ra. One, Om Shanti Om, Thenmavin Kombath and Enthiran , is about to start work on the second installment of his most recent venture, Baahubali.  
Cyril doesn’t divulge much about the film — he specifically says he won’t reveal why Kattappa kills the title character — but he tells us that the sets for the climax already exist and also that parts of the second film, which require the first film’s sets, have already been shot. He also adds that the project is massive and time consuming. “I’ll start work from November. I’m already having sleepless nights.” 

The scenic setting with grand mountains, opulent palaces and other larger-than-life visuals of the first installment only have fans expecting more from the sequel. However, he says he knew what he was getting into, and did so whole-heartedly. “I thought we should elevate our standard of work and that the scale of this film was on a par with a Hollywood venture. When the producer is willing to spend and the director has a vision, then we should do our best.”

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